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MATISSE Thirty Years On

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MATISSE Thirty Years On
Eye Magazine Issue 76

Very special celebrations are in order at Matisse – it has been thirty years since Jeanne and Alan Bertenshaw opened the doors of a business that has set the standards for authentic contemporary design in New Zealand.

As much as the business has been about the support of valued clients over the years, plus the hard work and juggling involved in building up a business, the aspect that differentiates Matisse from the rest of the pack is the ability of both Jeanne and Alan to discern, at the outset, whether a newly minted design is going to succeed in the marketplace, or even better, become a design classic. On their annual visits to the world’s most prestigious furniture fairs, they only choose what they themselves genuinely like and don’t presume to guess the taste and inclinations of their client base… read the rest of this article free on issu.com


How much are we really spending on makeup?

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How much are we really spending on makeup?
The Beauty Book Collector’s Edition 6

We live in an image conscious culture and beauty is a powerful force. According to Statista, in 2016, the revenue of the US cosmetic industry alone was estimated at about USD$62.46 billion. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Many of these products and treatments can be helpful and convenient for both men and women seeking to look good on the outside, and feel confident facing the challenges of a new day. But how much are we really spending? Read the rest of this article free on issu.com


Gluten-free dining programme better for business

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Gluten-free dining programme better for business
New Zealand’s Best Dining Guide Issue 21

Coeliacs across New Zealand are enjoying a bigger slice of our food scene, thanks to the growing success of a gluten-free dining project.

The Dining Out Programme (DOP), created by Coeliac New Zealand, has already been adopted by top restaurants, university residence halls and large food chains. More than 160 locations have signed up to the programme, which provides accreditation, training and promotion for businesses that can guarantee at least some meals are gluten-free… read the rest of this article free on issu.com

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Back-sleep your way to beauty

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Back-sleep your way to beauty
The Beauty Book Collector’s Edition 6

It’s a fact that as we age, we develop lines or wrinkles. Some are caused by frowning, smiling and other muscle movement and other wrinkles are unrelated to movement or expressions and can be caused by the positions in which we sleep.

Do you have sleep wrinkles? Sleep wrinkles are caused by repeated compression of the face against pillows, while sleeping on one’s side or stomach, causing marks and vertical creases to appear on the face, neck and chest… read the rest of this article free on issu.com


New Zealand, It’s Not Okay

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New Zealand, It’s Not Okay
Eye Magazine Issue 76

New Zealand is advertised to the world as a clean, green, pure environment and lifestyle, however behind the scenes of Aotearoa, land of the long white cloud, there is a cloud even darker. It’s a topic that is not easily discussed, yet heard of all the time.

It is a topic that will always need to be brought to light until there is change and it is one of New Zealand’s most serious social issues; domestic violence is not okay… read the rest of this article free on issu.com


Dantes Pizzeria… for Pasta?

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Dantes Pizzeria… for Pasta?
Eye Magazine Issue 76

I sit at a wooden table, drink in hand, amidst the hustle of Ponsonby Central. The rustic surroundings and buzz of the area, combined with the wafting smells of wood fired pizza and tomatoes take me to a European marketplace. Of course, I am at Dante’s Pizzeria, the popular eatery that has become infamous for it’s delicious and authentic Southern Italian cuisine.

However, I am not here for pizza. What has brought me here is the lure of their new pasta menu, with favourites from Naples and Southern Italy… read the rest of this article free on issu.com


A Pet’s Life

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Wolf of Water Street

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Located on Water St in Grafton
Wolf of Water St is a new
venue for LittleWolf, the
2015 Lewisham Outstanding
Caterer award winners.
More than just caterers LittleWolf have
added this industrial central city Warehouse
to their list of venues. With the ability to
host seated events for up to 400 guests and
cocktail events for up to 700 guests the
options in this space are endless.
With its unassuming façade the Wolf of
Water St venue makes an impression upon
entry with polished concrete floors, exposed
brick and high ceiling. Close to public transport,
public carparks and the CBD this event space is
superbly located for any event type.
LittleWolf can provide everything you
require for an event whether it be a wedding,
gala dinner, award ceremony or product
launch. Proud to consider themselves
bespoke caterers and event managers, they
can take your vision and turn it into reality.