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Gluten-free dining programme better for business

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Gluten-free dining programme better for business
New Zealand’s Best Dining Guide Issue 21

Coeliacs across New Zealand are enjoying a bigger slice of our food scene, thanks to the growing success of a gluten-free dining project.

The Dining Out Programme (DOP), created by Coeliac New Zealand, has already been adopted by top restaurants, university residence halls and large food chains. More than 160 locations have signed up to the programme, which provides accreditation, training and promotion for businesses that can guarantee at least some meals are gluten-free… read the rest of this article free on issu.com

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Dantes Pizzeria… for Pasta?

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Dantes Pizzeria… for Pasta?
Eye Magazine Issue 76

I sit at a wooden table, drink in hand, amidst the hustle of Ponsonby Central. The rustic surroundings and buzz of the area, combined with the wafting smells of wood fired pizza and tomatoes take me to a European marketplace. Of course, I am at Dante’s Pizzeria, the popular eatery that has become infamous for it’s delicious and authentic Southern Italian cuisine.

However, I am not here for pizza. What has brought me here is the lure of their new pasta menu, with favourites from Naples and Southern Italy… read the rest of this article free on issu.com