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A Pet’s Life

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Wolf of Water Street

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Located on Water St in Grafton
Wolf of Water St is a new
venue for LittleWolf, the
2015 Lewisham Outstanding
Caterer award winners.
More than just caterers LittleWolf have
added this industrial central city Warehouse
to their list of venues. With the ability to
host seated events for up to 400 guests and
cocktail events for up to 700 guests the
options in this space are endless.
With its unassuming façade the Wolf of
Water St venue makes an impression upon
entry with polished concrete floors, exposed
brick and high ceiling. Close to public transport,
public carparks and the CBD this event space is
superbly located for any event type.
LittleWolf can provide everything you
require for an event whether it be a wedding,
gala dinner, award ceremony or product
launch. Proud to consider themselves
bespoke caterers and event managers, they
can take your vision and turn it into reality.



What Are You Waiting For?

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Just a hop and a skip away from central Auckland is Formosa, a little piece of paradise. As one of Auckland’s best kept secrets, the grounds are situated on the beautiful Pohutukawa coast and has panoramic sea views over the Hauraki Gulf. Formosa has extensive private grounds along with an experienced team of staff to ensure all your needs are met.
If you’re after a few rounds of golf, what would be better than heading to one of the Finest Golf Clubs in the world? Formosa Golf Resort is surrounded by lush farmland and stunning views, covering an area of 440 acres. The course caters for golfers of every ability and the practice facilities include an all weather under-cover driving range. Designed by renowned golfing professional, Bob Charles, Formosa Golf Course features 18 holes of sensational golf. The course demands enough for the skilled golfer but it also suitable for a relaxed, friendly challenge. It’s one of the longest courses in New Zealand and right now they are running a membership special of $995 valid until the 31st December 2015.
Formosa Resort also has 50 villas set amongst tropical gardens with courtyard views. Each villa has a super king bed, twin showers and a parking space outside. If you’re feeling lush you can stay at one of the 22 executive villas.
You can also celebrate your special day at Formosa resort in their sophisticated and elegant atmosphere. They can cater for groups from 5 to 250 guests internally but they also have the option of erecting a marquee on the grounds. Formosa aims to provide tailor made and flexible weddings to suit each individual’s personal taste and style. They have 5 private function rooms to choose from and are a fully catered conference facility.
When it comes to dining, you don’t have to leave the grounds, you can just head to Formosa’s Cascade Restaurant where you’ll have an experience of a lifetime. Offering seasonal menu’s all year round, Cascade has a highly experienced chef and professional waiters to serve large groups, small groups and walk in bookings. You can also hire out the restaurant for private functions.
So when it comes to dining, weddings, accommodation or golf what are you waiting for? The answer is obvious, Formosa.



Breast Augmentation

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Breast augmentation continues to be the most common aesthetic plastic surgery procedure performed on women of all ages.

Whether it’s a young girl
wanting to fill out her
clothing to a post partum
female wanting to rejuvenate
her breasts. The American
Society of Plastic Surgery reported over 290,000
breast augmentations done in the US in 2013.
Now that being said, I find myself having the
same conversation with each patient about size
and how to choose the “right” implant. So much
information is made available these days on
the internet, many women come in with an idea
of size or even a number in mind of the exact
implant they want. But just as no women is made
the same, the information online is not created equal.
Now, every surgeon has a different method on how to choose
an implant, but in my practice I think it’s important to educate the
patient and make them a part of the process. There is no question
that there are cultural norms, and regional disparities when
discussing breast shape and size with women, but the beauty of
being in Miami Florida, is that it has given me a window to all parts
of the world and taught me to be sensitive to different desires due
to differences in culture and definitions of beauty.
The one rule that in my opinion should always be respected
is ANATOMY. Every female is shaped differently and because
this is a “custom” procedure, every female’s unique shape and
structure should be the #1 factor that should never be violated.
Now moving on from this, it is important that we clear the slate of
what a women may have read or heard… because what a certain
implant may look like on someone they know, will look completely
different on them. Not every woman has the same skin quality,
skin stretch, breast tissue thickness, muscle
thickness, chest diameter, chest circumference,
breast footprint placement, etc etc.

So now that we can get to the basics, I think
this is where the magic happens. We take
measurements on a person’s chest that will give
us the baseline on where to begin. From here,
I always ask for a picture of what they would
desire in an ideal world. This I feel gives me the
visual cue of what they believe is a C cup, or
D cup. Women understand, even though they
quickly forget that a C cup in Victoria Secret
is not necessarily a C cup in La Perla. So that
being said, a picture is worth a thousand words.
It gives me the ability to define what a patient calls a C cup size.
This process will then direct me to certain styles and sizes of
implants all while respecting the anatomy. Now this part is where
the art begins and the understanding of the patient’s desires and
knowledge of tissue response come together.
Lastly a quick comment on overall shape and appearance.
I have women that come in on a daily basis requesting breast
augmentation, but stating they want a “natural result” and don’t
want to look like they have had an implant placed. I always ask,
what they define as “natural”? Well, I have found that most women
feel that natural is what they see in magazines where women
have some cleavage at the superior medial portion of the breast.
Unfortunately, this is not “natural” and although it does make for
a beautiful breast, it’s important to understand how a patient
sees and defines their look. In my practice this is where I begin to
discuss the option of anatomically shaped implants, but that is a
whole other conversation that I will leave for another day.



What Are You Waiting For?

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