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Add a Touch of Spice to YOUR LIFE

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As curators of New Zealand’s finest experiences, Touch of Spice are regarded as one of the world’s best luxury tourism operators. Their expertise in satisfying even the most discerning of customers is second to none. Eye Magazine caught up with the lead curator of Touch of Spice, Jacqui Spice, who also graces our cover, to find out a bit more about the world of luxury tourism…

Tell us a bit about your background Jacqui?
After working many years across hospitality and travel in various sectors, my career took off when I worked as a Chief Stewardess and Purser on super yachts around the world. This gave me a real insight into the kind of experiences sought by high-end travelers. When I visited New Zealand in my down time I couldn’t find anyone providing that kind of luxury service. So, noticing this gap in the market and choosing Queenstown as the ‘affluent playground of New Zealand’ I started my own company, Touch of Spice. Touch of Spice started as a personal concierge service and my business plan was to have a handful of clients who came in and out of Queenstown on a regular basis that I would look after. It didn’t take long before that all changed!

How has your business plan grown over the last 10 years?
Well, the business plan has definitely had to be re-written! Nearly 10 years on, we have grown from providing a personal concierge service to private clients to now being a leading luxury tourism operator. We have two divisions in the business, we have the Private Villa Collection which is a portfolio of exclusive luxury holiday homes available for short term let throughout New Zealand – and we are also a DMC (Destination Management Company) arranging everything from New Zealand wide holidays, special events and corporate functions, incentive programmes, concierge services and curating once in a life time experiences. I am excited at the direction the company has taken and feel we are able to offer something unique; we are still small enough to be a boutique operator and adapt quickly to the market needs, yet can cope with large groups and high level clients when they come our way. My team and I work with a large number of clients from around the world every week and I am grateful to still have the support of many of my clients from when I first began.

With the rise in popularity of the ‘staycation’, what’s your domestic ‘must visit’ for a spot of luxury?
My must visit spot has to be Queenstown. It has something for everyone and so much choice. You can stay in a luxury 3 bedroom villa for $500 a night (or $20,000 a night!) and you will get space, views and quality. It’s beautiful and breathtaking in any weather and has an abundance of things to do and places to go and eat. My second favourite spot would be the beautiful Bay of Islands – I love it up there!

What are your travel must haves?
I try hard to travel light but I never do and because I travel to so many fun places I always put a soft duffel bag in my suitcase just in case I get a chance to do a little shopping on the way through – needless to say my wardrobe is overflowing! My most important must have is Josh, my fiancé – we try hard to travel together wherever we go as its more fun that way. Next would have to be my phone which I need to take with me, everywhere, to stay connected and keep on the top of the endless stream of emails.

What do you think is New Zealand’s best kept secret?
I think our best-kept secret is finally out … we are a beautiful destination with so much to offer the discerning traveler of today. New Zealand is on the hot lists around the world now. We have high quality luxury accommodation, we have owner/operator providers who provide the personal touch, we have so much beauty and landscape to visit but we have so much more as well. New Zealand is already well known for its lush scenery, river, mountains, activities and its adventure tourism but people are discovering we also have world class fashion, architecture, real estate, entertainment, food and wine and we have a great selection of luxury accommodation – we work with some of the best accommodation providers in the world right here in New Zealand.

What are your luxury ‘go to’ places when you’re in Auckland?
Britomart would be my favourite place to go when I’m in Auckland for shopping. I spend quite a bit of my time at the new Seafarers Club as well working from the member lounge or dining on the top deck. There is an abundance of fantastic restaurants in Auckland now including Clooney, Botswana Butchery, Harbourside, Euro, Ebisu and more. New ones seem to be popping up every day! I go to Curtis at Dry and Tea in City Works Depot to get my hair done and I love to go to Bliss Reflexology for my massages. To stay, I would choose St Marys Residence in Herne Bay for that inner city fix or head over to Waiheke and relax at Hei Matau. Auckland has come leaps and bounds with what it has to offer the luxury traveler – what used to be a part of town you would avoid, you now go to eat, drink and shop.

What is a luxury holiday to you?
I have a very busy life juggling my business and my family, so for me a ‘luxury holiday’ is one where I don’t have to do anything or be anywhere at any given time – one without an agenda. I want to be with my family, have room service, beautiful food, warmth, beautiful scenery and great wine.

Organising travel can be so stressful and time consuming, how do you ease this for your clients?
We do the work for them. We do the planning and research, the ringing around and the negotiating. We take care of every little detail, every step of the way. From organising car seats in hire cars and high chairs in restaurants, to booking all of their activities, planning a surprise lunch with a private chef and arranging special functions.

Why would you recommend staying at one of the Touch of Spice villas?
Our villas are at a world class standard. We hand select them and choose only the best in the various regions. The owners we work with understand our strive for excellence and quality and each villa must meet a certain standard – staying in one of our villas should be a very luxurious experience. My team work with you from the moment of enquiry, right through your stay helping you to arrange every little detail. We are not a “key under the mat” company. All our villas all have fantastic views, are in great locations, are beautifully appointed and come with 24/7 on-call concierge services. Whether you are paying $500 a night or $20,000 per night, everyone is a VIP in our world.

What do you love most about your job?
It’s so varied – no day is ever the same and we get to work on amazing jobs and meet some amazing people. My job is to be on the road a lot, selling, being the brand, bringing in the big leads and securing the big deals…and I love it! I get to travel a lot and get to meet some fascinating people. Its stressful and busy, it’s a 7 day a week business, 365 days a year so it can be draining at times, but you wake up the next day, check your inbox and something new, exciting and challenging is there for you to get out of bed and tend to.

What makes Touch of Spice different?
We are a boutique operator but we have a large reach! We can offer a very personal service to all of our clients so they feel looked after and important, not just one of many. We think outside the square, we cover all bases and we exceed expectations each and every time; these are three of our core values. We walk ourselves through every aspect to make sure we have ticked all the boxes before it happens.
What are your top 5 tips for making a corporate event special?
1. The devil is in the details. From what you place in the bathrooms to the length of the table cloths (floor length every time!) it’s the little things that people will notice or let you down.
2. Always make sure you have good food and good wine. Don’t scrimp on the parts that people will actually remember – they will always remember the food, the wine and the entertainment.
3. Always make sure a venue is adequately heated or has air conditioning. Don’t overlook this step as people will also remember if they were freezing cold!
4. Walk through every aspect of the event from start to finish and make sure you have thought of everything.
5. Make it inspirational – if it’s an event for your team then make it memorable.


Tale of a Coat

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A unique New Zealand garment goes on a follow-to-source journey and takes you along for the ride.


Right now a remarkable coat has landed at Jean Jones
stores. Named Garden Ramble by the label’s social
media followers, this particular garment was followed
through its life from fabric selection to design, pattern
making to sewing, distribution to sale – all in New Zealand.

With a 45 year history most will know of fashion label Jean
Jones, but perhaps not that the iconic Kiwi clothing company still
houses its entire design and manufacturing processes in its Auckland
headquarters. This means limited edition styles are immediately
responsive to the market demand and can on sale at the brands’
stores within a month.

Late 2014, co-owner and head designer Gina Condon was looking
towards autumn and spied a versatile, high quality black fabric with
a pixelated rose print. “It was so distinctive and I knew the pops
of lavender and red would make the perfect statement piece for
the Jean Jones woman,” she says. “Fabrics are so important that
sometimes it doesn’t matter how good your style is, it has to look
right,” she says. Securing all the fabric exclusively meant no other
New Zealand label could offer garments made from it.

“I knew straight away it would look amazing as a flowing ¾ coat,”
says Design Team Leader Tina Garrett of when she saw Gina’s
selection. “It has such a luxurious Victorian, vintage wallpaper feel, so
we designed a coat with a pleated shawl collar, large fabric covered
buttons, brass eyelets and added hidden side pockets,” she says.
“Because everyone needs pockets in a coat!”

The design went through the patternmaker to an onsite cutter
and machinist to create a sample f or fitting. Final adjustments
were made to the one off creation; patterns adjusted, graded and
sent to production.

The photoshoot stylist thought a juxtaposed, textured
environment would best show off the print, so while Tina made an
intricate lace collar for the neckline she chose a regal looking model,
Operetta wallpaper from Aspiring Walls, elaborately carved wooden
furniture and satin pillowslips from Xia.

Followers of Jean Jones social media suggested and voted for the
garments name, and the newly christened ‘Garden Ramble Coat’
entered its production phase. A skilled team of cutters laid and cut
out the fabric while the collars and facings were block fused. Sewn
and pressed by local machinists, the coats were dispatched to 22
stores across the country.

“Now our part of the tale of a coat ends and 60 new stories begin,”
says Gina. “We were proud to have customers join us on the Made
in New Zealand journey of the Garden Ramble and can’t wait to see
how new and existing clients of Jean Jones wear and love it.”



Want to improve your sexual intimacy?

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A revolutionary new treatment is about to completely transform our sex lives.


Yes you read right, The O-Shot® and Priapus-Shot®, medical treatments proven to improve sexual function, and hence intimacy, are coming to New Zealand. Dr Charles Runels, the inventor of The Vampire Facial® and Vampire Facelift®, procedures made famous by Kim Kardashian and Angelina Jolie, recently travelled to New Zealand to train doctors at The Face Place in Britomart, in the full series of trademarked treatments. These treatments are specifically designed to rejuvenate the face, breast and genital area using your body’s own natural healing ability. Dr Runels has hand-picked The Face Place founder, Dr Catherine Stone, to be one of only four active trainers licensed globally in these techniques.

Having a healthy sex life is important, with many studies showing it provides significant benefits for both your mind and body. However, an estimated 43% of women are reported to suffer from sexual dysfunction such as painful sex, poor lubrication or inability to orgasm. Often these concerns can occur after having babies, or during menopause. This can result in a diminished interest in sexual intimacy for both sexes, and may have a negative impact on intimate relationships. While erectile dysfunction in men has a long history of treatment with pills and injectable treatments, there are currently no FDA approved treatments for women.

Now there is an all-natural, quick and almost painless non-surgical treatment for both men and women, which uses your own platelets to rejuvenate and revitalise genital tissue, giving you dramatically increased sensitivity and improved overall sexual health. This life-changing procedure takes less than 30 minutes and for many, results are instant (though for some it may take 3-6 months to see the full effects). The procedures involve injecting your own platelet-rich plasma (PRP) taken from your blood. Your PRP is isolated from a small sample of blood (about 2 teaspoons) which is spun down in a centrifuge and then injected into specific areas to facilitate rejuvenation of the injected tissue. Your PRP releases growth factors in the local area, telling your body’s stem cells to grow and rejuvenate new tissue specific to that area. Women who suffer from urinary stress incontinence (those embarrassing leaks of urine when you cough, laugh or exercise) will often get instant relief.

“I believe PRP is the wonder treatment of the very near future”, says Dr Catherine Stone, “and I’m excited to be part of this significant advance in restoring sexual intimacy for those couples that may have lost it. The people we have treated so far have reported such wonderful improvements, I feel privileged to facilitate such a positive change in their lives and to have the opportunity to train others to do the same.”

PRP has been used for many years now to improve healing and tissue rejuvenation in ligaments and tendons, tennis elbow and arthritis, and in more recent years research has shown its effectiveness for a wide range of different conditions, from non-healing ulcers to hair loss, dry eyes to scar tissue, and to improve results and recovery after surgery, laser and fat transfer. Interestingly, both Tiger Woods and Magic Johnston have both received PRP treatments to improve recovery after injury.

For women, the ‘O-shot’ – or Orgasm Shot – involves just two tiny injections into very specific parts of the female anatomy. The G-spot has gained almost mythical status, but new research shows that the area most involved in female arousal may be larger than described by Dr Graffenberg – the gynecologist who first reported the G spot – and is more likely to include the clitoris and urethra, and to be closer to the entrance of the vagina than Dr Graffenberg described. Women who claim to have an active G-spot often have thicker tissue in this area, and experience stronger and easier orgasms than those who don’t.

Rejuvenating this ‘female orgasm system’ may sometimes take more than just a couple of shots of PRP. However research shows 65% of women reported a significant improvement after just one treatment, and after two treatments this number increased to 85-90%.

For men, the Priapus shot (also called the P-shot) offers a treatment to improve the hardness and sensitivity of the penis, and many will experience an increase in size, both when flaccid and erect. The specific way the PRP is injected works to improve blood flow along the corpus cavernosa – the ‘blood pumps’ to the penis – by stimulating the growth of new blood vessels and new tissue.

Both the O-shot and the Priapus-Shot procedure include a 30 minute consultation and consent, a special numbing cream that helps it to be almost painless, and a complimentary follow up after six weeks. These trademarked procedures can only be provided by a doctor licensed and trained by Dr Runels or one of his licensed trainers.

The Face Place has been using PRP treatments to improve skin texture, thickness and luminosity for over 5 years now. They are the first clinic to be licensed to offer the O-Shot and Priapus- Shot treatments, along with the Vampire Facelift and Vampire Breastlift, in New Zealand. While these treatments can have a significant impact on your confidence and quality of life, they aren’t suitable for everyone, and sometimes other treatments may be more appropriate.

If you would like to find out more about these procedures, please contact The Face Place on 0800COSMED or go to their website www.thefaceplace.co.nz


The Perfect Interior Solution

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Joyful, vivacious, soulful, nostalgia, innovation, contemplative, determination, beauty…just some of the many feelings we want our customers to experience when visiting our interior homeware store.”
Established in 2000, Allium is a Designers Guild concept store offering home and lifestyle solutions and luxury home interior design. Owned and operated by Suzanne Barber and Jo Burrell, the two founders and creative directors work to help you find great design ideas and furniture for any room in the house.

Over the years, Allium has grown into a well established, reputable company that strives to maintain its creative excellence and passion for interiors and homewares. “We aim to brighten your day with perfect home interior design ideas from the moment you enter our doors or click onto our store” – Suzanne Barber. Consistently sourcing and investing in new products, Allium stays at the forefront of emerging trends at an international level.

Allium are passionate about finding the most beautiful things for your home, bringing a new sense of style and freedom to your living space through affordable top brand homewares and kitchenware. Looking for a soft and warm bed throw? A gift for a kitchen tea? New set of plates? Whatever the need or desire, consider Allium your one stop shop. They supply a huge range of homewares, from kitchen accessories to cushions and floor rugs and home decorates, which are sourced from around the world. Their specialty is embracing products sourced here in New Zealand, Australasia and Europe.

Throughout the years, Allium has evolved hugely. Driven by Suzanne and Jo’s determination to create a more exciting feast for customers to see and experience, their creative energy is an inspiration to both their staff and customers. They urge customers to lose themselves in the feeling of pure indulgence; “let the festival of colours work their magic inspiring you to add to, or take away, your own little part of Allium.”
So whether you’re after a minimal, modern, romantic, exotic or vintage styling, Allium aims to provide all these solutions with the help of their design trained staff. City life or rural, they can help provide a connection with your home and environment.



Flame Foodies

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