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Dyson introduces Flyaway Attachment for salon standard smooth finish

- 4th October 2021 - 


New hair tool, developed for the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer, harnesses the Coanda effect to hide flyaways in a single pass for a smooth shiny finish – without extreme heat.

Healthy, salon style at home.

New Dyson Supersonic™ Flyaway attachment mechanises professional stylist’ technique to smooth frustrating flyaways, without extreme heat

Engineered for different hair types

The Flyaway tool adds to the Dyson Supersonic attachments designed to style different types of hair, including the Wide Tooth Comb for afro and textured hair and a re-engineered Diffuser and Styling Concentrator.

The new Dyson Supersonic™ Flyaway attachment harnesses the Coanda effect – a phenomenon first engineered for styling within the Dyson Airwrap™ styler – to attract and lift longer hairs to the front, whilst pushing flyaways through the tress and out of sight. Hiding flyaways increases strand alignment and enhances natural shine.

Emma Sheldon, Dyson Hair Care Category Director, said ‘Our engineers are drive to rethink convention and our obsession with airflow led us to push the potential of Coanda after observing how stylists use a ‘brush and blow dryer’ technique to smooth flyaways. Traditionally, this skilled technique involves the stylist using a round brush to section and manage the hair, whilst directing airflow from the dryer to push the flyaways into the style and out of sight. We set out to find a way to innovate a way to merchandise this method for the everyday styler. The new Dyson Supersonic™ Flyaway attachment harnesses the phenomenon of Coanda to smooth flyaways out of sight, without exposing the hair to extreme heat damage.’