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  • Creditability

    Consumers trust and believe magazine advertising more than advertising in other media. It can bring a sense of legitimacy and validity to your brand while positioning it with other industry-leaders.

  • Accumulate Audience

    The average magazine accumulates approximately 60% of its audience within a month’s time. In addition, consumers refer to magazines multiple times, even saving them, giving advertisers the opportunity for added exposure.

  • Return on Investment

    Multiple studies have demonstrated that allocating more money to magazines in the media mix improves marketing and advertising ROI across a broad range of product categories.

  • Engaging

    Multiple studies show that consumers are more likely to find magazine advertising acceptable and enjoyable compared to advertising in other media. In addition, they find magazine advertising less interruptive.

  • Desirable Consumers

    Across almost every demographic, the top 25 magazines out deliver the top 25 TV shows. In addition, heavy magazine readers are likely to be among the highest spenders across most product categories.

  • Relevant and Targeted

    Consumers consider magazine advertising more relevant than other media. With a range of titles that appeal to a wide variety of demographics, lifestyles and interests, advertisers can hone in on targets that fit their needs.

  • Call to Action

    More than half of readers took action on magazine ads or had a more favourable opinion about the advertiser, according to research from Affinity Research.

  • Valuable Content

    Consumers value magazine advertising, according to numerous studies. Starcom found that when readers were asked to pull ten pages that best demonstrate the essence of their favourite magazines, three out of ten pages pulled were ads.


For our little population of 4,676,096, we Kiwis do pretty well when it comes to being active online. 89% of New Zealander’s are currently online and 55% are active on Facebook. 74% of New Zealanders are now using their Smartphones to research products online, and 33% of these people are following through with a purchase via mobile!