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Find Inspiration at VidaSpace

- 18th May 2021 - 


VidaSpace was founded in 2015 with the core principle to provide access to innovative and luxury interior finishes creating engaging, authentic, and awe-inspiring spaces.

Challenging the status quo

Continually raising the bar for choice with its range of fashion-forward, responsibly sourced wood and other interior finishes, VidaSpace aims to challenge the status quo and offer a fresh, unique, and collaborative approach.

As a family owned and operated business, VidaSpace was established to create a designer-centric experience, and this is apparent throughout, even when it comes down to the company’s name. Vida means ‘life’; and it is their mission to help their customers bring their designs to life – with no boundaries and no compromises.

Jimmy Simmons, Managing Director, is the great grandson of a civil engineer, grandson of an architect, son of an ex-builder and timber mill owner, so to say it ‘runs in the family’ is an understatement as VidaSpace is anchored by over 25 years of family timber experience. Jimmy is continuing his legacy by founding a company whose ethos is centred around providing exceptional interior finishes to enhance interior design and architecture.

Collaboration is at the core of VidaSpace

The team work to guide customers to the perfect solution and understand that no two projects are the same. They work closely with you to make sure the process is as seamless as possible. Driven by their love of materials and crafts, VidaSpace thrive on helping you achieve spectacular spaces and excellence in design. Much of their team are qualified Interior and Spatial Designers, who work as Consultants for this trend-leading company.

Inspiring spaces need inspiring products

Remaining at the forefront of design trends and movements, VidaSpace works closely with their brand partners worldwide, predominantly in London and Paris. They draw from trends identified and forecasted in Europe and bring them to New Zealand. Working with manufacturers in North America, Belgium, Italy, Holland, Poland, and many more across Europe, VidaSpace offer a completely bespoke service. They have the capacity and ability to custom-make interior finishes completely to design.

Bespoke Offering

Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? VidaSpace provide New Zealand’s largest portfolio of unique and innovative wall and flooring solutions.

Some of VidaSpace’s bespoke offering has included floorboards that are 600mm wide and 12m long, hand-scraped undulating surfaces that are finished tirelessly by hand, flooring imitating 16th century planks from a castle in medieval Prague, intricate parquetry patterns with in-laid metals or marble, and end grain Oak mosaic flooring that is inspired by the cobbled streets in Paris.

VidaSpace also offer a full range of fine timber veneers for cabinetry, joinery, furniture, wall and ceiling linings. These panels work seamlessly with integrated technology and appliances, and can be colour-matched to your flooring, to further enhance sophisticated design detailing.

VidaSpace pushes the boundaries of design, offering truly one-of-a-kind finishes and detailing in any project. The possibilities are endless, and the results spectacular.

A point of difference that matters.

VidaSpace works intimately with their clientele using the most prestigious architects and designers in New Zealand. The process involves not only design elements and spatial planning, but fundamentally what is most important and crucial to the client or homeowner. Whether that is hard-wearing surfaces to withstand daily family use, or simply to have the best home or restaurant on the block, VidaSpace will spare no endeavour to deliver to client needs.

A significant point of difference when choosing VidaSpace, is that they are not just a supplier, they are a design partner who are with you every step of the way from concept design through to construction and completion.

VidaSpace have world-class showrooms in Auckland and Wellington, and warmly invite you to visit and experience them for yourself.