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Living in Goodness

- 18 APRIL 2020 -


Ever wondered what the deal was with fermented foods?
We sat down with Fiona from Living Goodness to find out more... 

How did you first become interested in fermenting?

Our fermenting journey began when Peter (Co-Founder of Living Goodness) and I lived in London. Peter was diagnosed with candida, an all too common yeast imbalance and acute pancreatitis, a serious digestive issue which resulted in an overnight stay in hospital.  

As both issues were a direct result of diet, when he came out of the hospital, Peter decided it was time to make some changes. Being a serious food lover, he researched alternative therapies to heal himself. So much of the research he did led to the science of good bacteria and alkalizing the digestion – both of which can be achieved with fermented foods. And so our adventures began! 

Why should people eat fermented products? 
There is a lot of science and research being done to help us understand more about the human microbiome. The microbiome is made of trillions of bacteria both good and bad throughout the digestive system. It’s the balance between the good and the bad that often affects our health and wellbeing and it can affect our moods.  Fermented foods contain live, good bacteria, they are unpasteurised and can only be found in the fridge, and not the shelf. Eating good bacteria can help fight off the bad – it really is that simple! 

What makes Living Goodness products unique?
We believe what makes our products unique is the wide variety of vegetables we use. Everything from the humble cabbage mixed with kale & seaweed in our Super Sauerkraut, mixed with dill, caraway seeds and juniper berries in our Sassy Sauerkraut and our spicy Sum Yum Kimchi. So, it’s not just cabbage and salt!We’ve also started to freeze-dry the Sum Yum Kimchi which innovative chefs are finding great ways to use and which we’ve had ground into powder. This can be used as a natural additive and preservative free fermented kimchi seasoning creating a fantastic sour flavouring. And, we hope to have some exciting new products out shortly. 

What is your favourite way to serve/eat your fermented foods?

 We eat a couple of tablespoons of kraut or kimchi with almost every meal! But we particularly like the ‘Super Sauerkraut’ with sushi and the Sum Yum Kimchi with any Asian or Mexican dishes or just to spice up poached eggs. The Sassy goes incredibly well with salmon, the Heartbeet with ;lamb or pork and the Quick Draw is simply fantastic on a cheese platter.We’re excited to see healthy functional foods be coming a day to day element of peoples diets and are enjoying partnering with innovative companies such as Burger Fuel, My Food Bag & Life Health Foods to do the same.