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Using smart tech to improve the lives of dementia patients in New Zealand 

- 10 March 2022 - 

#Travel & Lifestyle

Auckland, New Zealand - New Zealand owned and operated Smartlife is launching a solution for aged care, improving the lives of dementia patients using smart technology through Smartlife Care. 

Smartlife announced the official launch of the Smartlife Care subscription service, aimed at families caring for elderly members who are still living independently but need extra support. This solution includes a set of features that would allow family members to keep an eye on older parents and other loved ones — with their permission — and could be altered to certain activities, like if the family member had called out for help, for example. 

This is a more privacy-conscious way of monitoring someone, without using intrusive technologies or revealing exactly what they are doing. For example, the caregiver can see there was an interaction but not what it was specifically. Another feature is that Care Solution can alert a caregiver if there has been no activity by a certain time, so they can know to check-in. 

The subscription service is offering an expansive three-month free trial to allow customers to determine if the solution is a good fit for them. In the future, Smartlife says it will roll out the ability for Care Solution to detect the fall, support multiple caregivers, including family, friends and even neighbours, among other features. 

Smartlife Founder & CEO Rob Wilcox was determined to find a solution that allowed for both independence and security. Smartlife Care’s ageing-in-place passive monitoring offers both, providing families and carers with notifications and in-app communications for peace of mind. 

“I knew that this technology could have a significant impact on society and, in particular, the aged care sector. My mother has dementia and so I can empathise with New Zealanders struggling to find the right solution - for themselves and their loved ones,” says Rob Wilcox. 

“Smartlife Care can help you look after those you love with an intelligent and comprehensive solution. We connect to the widest range of smart devices in the market and our software platform provides unique technologies to support elderly people and their families.” 

This customised smart home technology helps families ensure their loved ones are taken care of while also helping them stay in their own home, for longer. Family and friends can be connected to the Smartlife Care technology that provides a safe, private environment and enhances independent living. 

Smartlife Care provides passive monitoring services, panic buttons or sensors as well as the ability to remotely assist with lighting, entertainment control, heating and more. Smart security options include cameras, door locks, alarms and sensors. It can also be integrated into Amazon Alexa as a means to call for help and provide voice control for your lights, front door, music, TV and much more. 

Users also have a range of other solutions through the app, from help mode, controlling the garage door to schedules for TV, lighting, smoke detection as well as cooling and heating. 

“The pandemic has changed the world in which we live. Seeing our friends and families is not as easy - whether it’s closed borders, isolation period or fear of passing on a form of the coronavirus. Smartlife Care is designed with safety, monitoring and convenience in mind - providing peace of mind for yourself or your loved one who needs that little extra care,” says Wilcox. 

Equipping an entire home with smart devices enabled by artificial intelligence, both from Smartlife Care and others, can cost less than one year of in-home care or one month in a care home. Combined with significant advances in telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic, the smart home could become a crucial part of how we look after our elderly loved ones today and, one day, ourselves.