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TWG at the Cordis Chandelier Lounge

- 1st December 2020 - 


Formerly known as the Lobby Lounge, the newly renamed Chandelier Lounge takes its inspiration from the iconic 

golden chandelier. The Chandelier Lounge is located at the heart of Cordis Auckland offering one of the most luxurious high tea experiences in Auckland city. Debuting a new partnership with one of the finest luxury tea brands TWG, the Chandelier Lounge is set to become Auckland’s go-to for a beautiful high tea experience.

The Chandelier Lounge continues the Langham Hospitality Group’s tradition of offering Auckland’s favourite high tea experience, reinvented to reflect Cordis’ contemporary style. The new ‘High Tea by Cordis with TWG’ will feature an exquisite plated array of handcrafted sweets, pastries and scones complemented with a personalised tea sommelier service offering TWG fine teas, coffees or a glass of Louis Roederer Champagne.


TWG Tea offers some of the finest luxury tea in the world; it was established in Singapore. TWG Tea stands for The Wellbeing Group and was founded in 2008 as a luxury concept that incorporates unique and original retail outlets, exquisite tea rooms and an international distribution network to professionals. TWG Tea is passionate about sharing its expertise and has become a point of reference for tea lovers thirsty for knowledge.

TWG Tea’s collection is the largest in the world, with fine harvests from every tea producing country and exclusive hand-crafted tea blends. Internationally recognized as a true innovator with the creation of new varieties of tea every season. With a range of over 20 types of teas selected from the finest estates around the world. Let our experienced staff at the Chandelier Lounge guide through our extensive tea menu.