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2021 36th America’s Cup

What Hosting an Event Supporting the 36th America’s Cup Could Do For Businesses In Auckland's CBD

- 18th February 2021 - 


The 2021 36th America’s Cup is all steam ahead and us Kiwis are lucky enough to be hosting the Cup again, after 18 years.

As the pinnacle of yachting, the America’s Cup was first contested in 1851, making it the oldest trophy in international sport.

This means that media will be crawling all over Commercial Bay, America’s Cup Village and the Viaduct, New Zealand will be TV-broadcasted in over 195 territories with the choice of watching the live streams and highlights online through Facebook, YouTube, and reaching every inch of the world.

NZ have invested a whopping $249.5 million into this year’s America’s Cup and no cost has been spared to host this elite event. Last year, the America’s Cup coverage attracted 452 million viewers, so we can only expect more for this year’s finale.

So, what does this mean for NZ Businesses?

Is your business using its full potential to market during this opportunity, and possibly, piggyback off this global reach? To do so, you have to be seen.

But how?

Businesses need to be creative and focus on reaching NZ customers by placing your brand in the spotlight. We heavily encourage retail store’s, bars and restaurants spanning from the Viaduct through to Commercial Bay, to attract people by creating a space for interaction and utilizing the buzz and excitement surrounding America’s Cup.

First things first

Cater to your current market. Invite your mailing list to come and enjoy an unforgettable experience, encourage them to invite friends and family and let them spread the word for you.

Now what?

Now that you have customers create an experience for them to keep them chatting about your business. Utilize creative activations that encourage sharing on social media and help generate the fear of missing out in anyone who wasn’t there (everyone suffers from FOMO).


This could be as simple as an eye capturing décor, creating a gorgeous environment for customers to enjoy the races from. When it’s showtime, screening the races is not enough. You need to engage people, invite them into your venue – think about extraordinary and unique event activations for the day.

After the fact

Post the event, how can you keep your audience coming back for more? You can increase your audience retention and marketing by reminding them of the incredible time they had through something as simple as an email capture with photo walls, décor, models or photo giveaways.

Furthermore, by hosting a follow up event with the mailing list you gain from the first event, you are solidifying your brand values, you are turning visitors into customers and continuing to expand your reach through your attendees’ word of mouth. Invite a plus one, or plus 5!

Your go-to

Create Agency is all about connecting businesses with their audience. Their mission is to ensure every event they deliver follows an intentional strategy, and reliable system to support their extraordinary ideas to create results for their clients. “Your success is my success” states Creative Director, Samantha Fernandes. You can look at Create entertainers as your brand ambassadors to increase and engage customers by creating an environment that will ensure you are the new go-to hang out spot.

Creative director, Samantha Fernandes, offers insights intended to spark ideas for business owners and marketing managers scratching their heads wondering how they could utilize such an opportunity.

From a creative background, Sam heavily incorporates her knowledge of marketing psychology into her pitches to ensure a business connects with the right audience, by using systems that have worked for some of NZ's biggest brands.

The entertainment has already begun

Auckland's 36th America's Cup village has been host to some epic entertainment including talented face painting and roving entertainers from Create Agency.

Superyachts also have not held back on premium celebrations with Create Agency. They kicked off the New Year with extraordinary views of the firework displays and body-painted hosts to serve and entertain guests as they welcomed the new year.