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A Radiant Revelation 

Unveiling the magic of Mamaku Skincare

-18th August 2023 - 


As a beauty editor for 28 years and a devoted beauty enthusiast I have had the privilege of experiencing a wide spectrum of skincare brands and products. Yet occasionally a brand emerges that not only captivates my senses but leaves an indelible mark on my skincare regimen. Enter Mamaku Skincare, a true gem that has unveiled a world of hydration and rejuvenation unlike any other.

Mamaku skincare care was created by 3 Māori sisters who have managed to harness the medicinal effects of the Mamaku fern (like their ancestors did in traditional medicines) and then bring it to the forefront of beauty. I took a while to try the product it sat on my desk for a week as I finished other brands I was testing. I wanted to try this brand on my face and hands without any other brands involved. I was told how it had been scientifically developed and was making a huge difference for people with skin issues. The first application my skin soaked it up – it felt like it went deep into my pores, and I rubbed it all over my hands where I often get dry and red skin. It felt healing. I felt safe using it as its ingredients where beyond perfect.

Their ethos resonates deeply with my personal belief that skincare should be a holistic experience, seamlessly blending the purest botanical ingredients with cutting edge innovations. Its is this fusion of nature and science that makes Mamaku stand out from the sea of skincare options.

One of the standout features of Mamaku is their dedication to sustainable practices. In a world where conscious consumerism is paramount, Mamaku sets a glowing example by meticulous sourcing their potent fern extracts while maintaining ecofriendly principles. This not only ensures a guilt free indulgence for the skincare aficionado but also emphasises the brands commitment to the wellbeing of our planet.

But let’s get to the nitty gritty of the products results on my skin. Oh, how they delivered, let me warn you, its addictive. The Mamaku advanced Hydra gel is like a radiance elixir and my skin transformed into soft baby skin that felt nourished and healthy. Its very lightweight so it was easy to wear under makeup. The biggest results where on my hands, they healed. No more dry bits and redness soreness. I left it on my desk by my computer as I could not bear to be without it. Each application allowed my skin exceptional hydration and it felt like I was drinking form the foundation of youth becoming more nourished each day. Its non-greasy and regenerative and a must have in anyone’s skin repertoire.

Its not just the products themselves that have captured my heart, but also the brands dedication to education. Mamaku skincare goes above and beyond to empower consumers with knowledge, helping us make informed decisions about our skincare journeys. Their commitment to transparency is a breath of fresh air in an industry sometimes shrouded in mystery.

In conclusion, Mamaku Skincare has not only met my high expectations but exceeded them in ways I could never have anticipated. It’s a brand that celebrates the beauty of nature and the wonders of science, and the art of self-care all while fostering a sense of responsibility towards our environment.

My experience has been good. Even my dog Bluey seemed to love.