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Alpine Air and Ambience

- 16th February 2021 - 


One of the most luxurious European-style accommodators of Queenstown has to be Brown’s Boutique Hotel. 100% New Zealand owned and operated, it is a premium getaway location, lauded by previous guests and international hospitality awarders. A gem for locals, tourists or out-of-towners alike.

Located on Isle Street, Brown’s is close to famous walking tracks, golf clubs, the Queenstown Gardens and the Ben Lomond Scenic Reserve which hosts the luge to the west and a famous bike trail—for all you mountain riders!

The Brown’s Hotel has continued to offer excellent service, luxury care and decadence – whether for a short break, ski trip, Valentine’s slumber, or family holiday. Owner and manager Peter Maroney has given outstanding resolve in reopening these grandiose doors following the May lockdowns.

Why not pamper yourself following the year that was 2020?

Whatever the season—or reason—the sunny side views amid lakes and mountains and the lush, spacious décor will have you leaning on the edge of their Juliet balconies in awe of the southern serenity. You genuinely feel yourself becoming one with your teenage Shakespearean fantasies!

There are likewise honeymoon and intimacy packages offered for the perfect romantic rendezvous, consisting of (but not limited to)

A gold member of the hospitality and tourism, Brown’s Hotel’s prestige has earned them Luxury travel Guides Global Awardees of 2015. Making this place a standout venture for those seeking to rid themselves of the hustle and bustle for a huge dose self-indulgent elegance.

Alongside the lavishness, the concierge and staff are more like family than strangers. So helpful and willing whether staying for 2 days or 2 months.

The highest speed of Wi-Fi, no booking fees, fair price guaranteed.

The Brown’s Boutique Hotel is the dreamscape you’ve been needing. Check it out while us Kiwis are still fortunate enough to venture outside and taste the alpine air.