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Are Influencers Still Relevant? 

- 27th May 2020 -


An influencer once said to me at a lunch, how long do you think my brand will last? Will I wake up one day and find social media has been taken over by virtual influencers?

Most brands have made the swing towards using a celebrity, influencer or a social media content provider to assist in marketing their brand. It’s a billion dollar business now and we are all on social media, right? So that is where your brand needs to be. So how do you find the right one for your brand?

1) Choose someone who uses their own voice and creates authentic content.

2) Check they are engaged with their followers and their followers are engaged with them.

3) Work out what you want from them; do you want a collaboration or an endorsement?

4) Check their analytics. Most influencers will be able to provide you with stats on who their followers are, and they need to match your brand’s needs.

5) They must have established credibility within a certain industry e.g. beauty, fashion, or automotive - they can’t be all things to all brands and yes virtual influencers are already here, characters created by people that change the landscape of social media marketing.