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- 18 August 2021 - 


My bed is everything.  I push myself in life and at work so the time spent in bed must be relaxing, restful  and restorative. 

A good quality mattress and bed linen is crucial to sleep health. I have always believed you must buy the top of the line biggest, best and most expensive bed to get complete sleep satisfaction, and over the years there have  been fortunes spent buying the top of the line beds and bedding in our household.  Harrowset Hall has always been my favourite shop for beautiful linen and duvet covers.

I was recently approached by the Ecosa PR team to try their mattress and pillows. I quickly looked online and saw that they said all the right things about quality so I thought: hey it can’t hurt I’ll try it! The cost was so low I actually thought it can’t be that good. And surely would not compete with my expensive bed.

The mattress was delivered the day before lockdown August 2021 so I ripped into the perfectly wrapped box and rolled out the mattress onto my bed. As the airtight plastic came off, the mattress took shape and grew to its full size. It also came with a thick good quality mattress protector.  Slightly impressive but the proof would be night-time while lying on it.  

After a few wines and listening to the lockdown announcement I thought it was time for an early night. I climbed into bed and put my head on the Ecosa pillow (shaped to fit your neck) I lay there, nothing…. I rolled to my side… nothing….I felt like I was on air and it was like nothing was aching, nothing was unsupported. What an incredible product, but still doubting I thought: we will see! Let’s go to sleep! On waking up to day one lockdown I have to tell you this is the best mattress I have ever slept on. I slept still and hardly moved all night. The mattress is a memory gel and Ecosa is engineered to support your spine’s natural alignment. I certainly woke up pain free. 

I never lie around and spend time in bed - I always get up and get going, but this morning, it’s lockdown, so I can work from bed and it’s so comfortable! You will doubt like I did, you will say she is paid to write that. No, no, no. It’s the best sleep I have had in a long time. The mattress can also be changed from soft to medium or firm to suit you. They do a 100 day money back guarantee so go and try for yourself! You can thank me later, I’ll be in bed!