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Bentley Bentayga V8

- 11th February 2021 - 

By Vanessa Bennett


It was a sunny fresh Saturday morning and we were up early to head to the Bentley showroom to pick up a Bentley Bentayga. Little did I know this car would change my life. My husband had his doubts if he would like it, would it make him look old driving such a vehicle? We were accompanied to our vehicle and my heart missed a beat, what a beautiful machine, I took it all in, the wheels, the grill, the twin-qual tailpipes, the high gloss interior carbon fibre panels , the beautiful leather seats and a stunning wood and hide steering wheel. This was us, us for the weekend.

We headed out to the Karaka sales and as we skimmed along the motorway, I felt invincible, this was the car of all cars. This was more than a car it was my new best friend. I developed a certain attitude to go along with our gorgeous girl, a slight toss of my ponytail and a permanent half smile! She was very impressive. Everyone we passed looked hard, but we whizzed by so quickly it would have been just a flash of brilliance, almost a discreet brilliance. I sat tight as my husband tested the power and precision of the 4.0 litre, twin-turbocharged V8 petrol engine, 0-100km/h in 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 290km. Such a beautiful powerful yet elegant beast.

We arrived at Karaka and parked her safely and headed off to view some more elegant beasts, NZs finest horses, people had come from all over the world to buy from our country’s great breeders. Our weekend was indulgent dining out for breakfast lunch and dinner and the Bentayga held our hand the whole way, even over the many bumpy roads I could believe how smooth it seemed. My husband found it hard to allow me time to have a drive, he connected with her also.

She, the Bentayga V8 SUV is in a luxury class of her own and she is my heart. Life is too be lived. I need this car. If you too wish to visit my friend for a drive or a purchase head to the Bentley Auckland showroom at 119 Great North Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland, 1021