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Commercial Bay, more than just a shopping mall. 

- 29th June 2020 -

#fashion #lifestyle #culinary

Behold the long-awaited opening of Auckland’s Commercial Bay. A $1 billion dollar project, four years in the making, Commercial Bay has been worth the wait.

At first glance, the sleek urban architecture of Commercial Bay is eye catching. Situated right where the city begins, at the bottom of Queen Street, it truly is stunning surrounded in glass and marble walls. Where Commercial Bay sits is paramount to its significance as it symbolises the area where trade first occurred in Aotearoa, where a Maori chief once invited European ships to trade.

Throughout time, Commercial Bay has been used as an area of trade and has seen many significant events that have shaped our nation’s history, like the departure and return of New Zealand troops from war. 

This grand building continues it’s history of trade offering hundreds of luxury brands and dining experiences. Stores are equipped with the latest fashion trends and designer labels catering to men, women and children. These include Hugo Boss, Lorna Jane, Calvin Klein, Veronika Maine and many many more. 

After beauty? Commercial Bay is home to Mecca, Aotea Made, and numerous other stores for your grooming and skin care needs. Go get your haircut, your nails done, a facial, or massage! 

After a long day of shopping, look no further than right around the corner as Commercial Bay hosts a mix of both local and international vendors with cuisines from all around the world. Whether you’re after a casual lunch, fancy dinner, dessert or a drink, you can have all within the walls of Commercial Bay. With over 650 seats in their ‘Harbour Eats’ area of the mall acting as their gorgeous food court, it truly is the place to go for all dining experiences. 

A must if you find yourself in Auckland CBD, a building and experience that honours the past of New Zealand’s trade history, paying homage to the land that it is built on.