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Edible Art – the confectionary masterwork of Delish cupcakes

- 19th April 2021 - 


You have been under lockdown for a while now. You have binged every Netflix series so much that you now know the dialogue off by heart. COVID-19 has left you working from home, the days melting into each other. Suddenly a knock at the door. You see the masked delivery-person dropping off a package; you haven’t ordered anything have you? You open it… Cupcakes! Like a colour bouquet of edible flowers, this care package from your loved ones came in a difficult time, because what says ‘you are loved’ more clearly than a box of cupcakes.

There is something indescribably pleasant about a perfect cupcake, full of flavourful cake and sugary icing. But more than that, cupcakes, like larger cakes, are a form of art unto themselves. Anyone who has ever been to a cake store or looked up baking on Pinterest knows that sometimes cake decorating blurs the line between food and artistic sculpture, with some cakes being built only as a showcase of artistic skill. Fortunately for us, Delish Cupcakes are absolutely meant to be eaten.

Dean Johnson founded Delish Cupcakes in 2010, and has been crafting high quality confectionery ever since. Baked daily using only the freshest ingredients, the cupcakes themselves are a work of art.

These cupcakes are the ideal way of making any event a little sweeter, and fortunately Delish Cupcakes provide a series of package deals to accommodate special occasions. Have a child’s birthday coming up? Delish can make cupcakes decorated to resemble Elmo and the Cookie Monster, or even superheroes, or other custom designs of your choice (within reason). What about a function for bigger people, like a corporate event?

But of course, what would Delish Cupcakes be if the cupcakes were not delicious too? We were given the opportunity to try a handful of flavours that Dean himself recommended; Snickers, Nutella and Mochaccino. The snickers have a surprisingly complex flavour, with the combined salt of the peanut butter and the caramel adding a delightfully piquant note to the sugar, while the buttercream makes for a very mellow flavour. The Nutella cupcake (here given the pun-like name ‘Ferero-do-share’) has a beautifully clear flavour of hazelnut that comes through in both the cake and the icing, with icing incorporating actual Nutella.

So, if you need confectionery for an event, or someone you love needs something edible to cheer them up, take a moment to consider Delish Cupcakes, who do deliveries all over Auckland.