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Looking for the best present to give this Christmas?

- 21st November 2021 - 


Christmas is the mostwonderful time of the year and it's only 6 weeks away! While we know that thereal meaning of this holiday season has little to do with all the decorations,tree trimming, and shopping, it’s nice to be able to give a gift to those we love.

But as much as we lovegiving gifts, sometimes finding the perfect Christmas gift can be a bitchallenging. Between finding parking and scouring the best deal, you can easilyfind yourself weary.

Which is one reason whyEdible Blooms is the easiest option for everyone! With just a few clicks youcan get your Christmas shopping sorted in one place, all while relaxing at homein your PJ’s. Edible Bloomsoffers a uniquely different gifting experience available to everyone across NewZealand. Their range of chocolate bouquets and gift baskets are handmade withlove from the finest chocolates, fresh fruit and delicious doughnuts.

Edible Blooms offers a variety of french champagnes,donuts and cake bouquets, baby gifts, picnic hampers and more! You can be confidentthat your Edible Blooms gift will surprise, delight and inspire joy. Thequality of their products combined with the fresh ideas consistently deliveredhas made Edible Blooms NZ the market leader for the past ten years.

The joy of giving is what truly puts pleasure in theirwork. This shines through in every gift they deliver and the thousands of happycustomers across New Zealand who trust them to gift differently, no matter whatthe occasion.