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Escape to Fiji

-18th October 2023 -

It was my first trip back to Fiji since the infamous 2020 year. I was curious to see how Fijis beautiful resort had shaped up. Now managed by The Marriot, The Sheraton Fiji Resort is a dreamy escape that beckons travelers seeking the ultimate tropical retreat. With immaculately presented pools and gardens, this resort stands as a testament to the serenity and beauty that the Fijian islands have to offer.

Imagine waking up to perfect, sunny 30-degree days that seem to stretch into eternity. The Sheraton Fiji Resort provides the perfect backdrop for guests to bask in the warmth of the South Pacific sun, surrounded by lush greenery and crystalline waters.

What truly sets this resort apart, though, is the warm and genuine hospitality of the Fijian people. Friendly smiles greet you with the word "Bula," a Fijian greeting that instantly makes you feel like part of the family. The staff attend to your every need with unwavering dedication, ensuring that your stay is as relaxing and comfortable as possible.

Dining at the Sheraton Fiji Resort is a culinary journey of delight. The selection of delicious restaurants caters to a variety of tastes, serving up fresh and flavorful dishes that reflect the island's vibrant culture. And what's better than enjoying ice-cold cocktails at the pool bar, where the only thing separating you from the ocean is a few steps and a sandy beach.

In just two days, you'll find yourself completely relaxed and revived, thanks to the serene atmosphere and rejuvenating experiences offered by the resort. And the best part? It's only a short 3.5-hour flight from New Zealand, with Air Fiji as the recommended airline. Air Fiji not only offers daily flights but also provides a choice of business and economy class, ensuring a comfortable journey that sets the tone for your Fijian adventure.

The Sheraton Fiji Resort is more than just a holiday; it's an experience of a lifetime in one of the world's most enchanting destinations.