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Fashion is a special event

- 11th February 2021 - 


Shopping for clothing was once considered an event.

Consumers would save up to buy clothing at certain times of the year. But that all changed in the late 1990s, when clothing became more about the convenient combination of trendiness, affordability and ready availability.

Fast fashion is a term used to describe this type of clothing supply scheme, where new fashion trends from Fashion Week are moved quickly from the catwalk to the stores to meet new trends at low value.

Fast fashion allows mainstream consumers to purchase the latest trends of clothing at an affordable price and sell them at high turnover. Leading companies in the industry include Zara, H&M, UNIQLO, Gap, Top Shop and Forever 21.

The major criticism of the culture that is fast fashion is its relentlessly “throw away” attitude due to the heavy turnover of fashion trends combined with low cost and mass distribution.

Critics contend that fast fashion contributes to pollution, poor workmanship, and poor working conditions in developing countries, where many of the clothing is manufactured.

And because the clothing is made overseas, it's also seen as causing a decline in local manufacturing of clothing and leaves our beloved designers out of pocket.

The fast fashion trend is also criticized on intellectual property grounds, with some designers alleging that their designs have been grossly and/or illegally mass produced by retailers.

So, the common convenience of your nearby clothing chain is a harsh reality in fashion politics.

What’s a locally owned alternative to fast fashion? Threads NZ

While fast fashion has certainly picked up the pace, Threads is a business created in New Zealand by couple, David & Mel, who both share an avid passion for fashion, love of entrepreneurship, and who want clothing purchases to reclaim special event status.

They have a reputation for sourcing luxury designer brand clothing, impeccable customer service and super quick shipping & handling.

With their handpicked luxury clothing brands -— Acler, Araminta James, Deus Ex Machina, Federation, Huffer, Rails, Rebecca Vallance, Sass and Bide, and more— it’s hard to fault them on the service they offer to New Zealanders who want to all their designer clothing needs from one reliable, online provider.

In that vein, Threads champion their high-quality service, selecting only brands that they love to wear ourselves, handpicking each and every designer on a local and global scale, and in turn, providing us with the clothing products we can trust and love just as they do!

Threads also have a wicked rewards programme. You can sign up and start earning points! And you will automatically receive 20 rewards points for joining, and from there you will receive 1 Threads Reward for every $1.00 you spend. And to get an idea of the near exponential rate you receive awards per purchase: 100 Threads Rewards = $5.00 off, 200 Threads Rewards = $15.00 off, and 400 Threads Rewards = $40.00 off. Those are some crazy discounts for the calibre of clothing!

And your soon to be favourite clothes, shoes or handbags and accessories are looked after at Threads HQ in Penrose, Auckland until they’re ready to be carefully wrapped and dispatched to you by the Threads crew. All this and more makes Threads your new number one guilt free fashion outlet. Support local and globally sourced high quality, luxury fashion labels that are sourced to be readily available and affordable, with the assurance of impeccable service dispatch, and all provided at an even lower cost to you thanks to the Threads Rewards scheme…Making your next fashion piece the special event it deserves to be!