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Fit for a Queen

- 12 August 2021 - 


Located on the beautiful Otago Peninsula, Larnach Castle is one of Dunedin’s most pristine and historical locations. Meticulously restored by the Barker Family in 1963, the castle and surrounding grounds will leave you in awe.

Larnach Castle offers the full castle experience, award winning gardens, extravagant accommodation, locations for numerous events and exquisite dining experiences – it’s no surprise they have received numerous national and international awards!

Castle Tours

You really can’t visit or stay at Larnach Castle without doing one of their tours. Explore the depths of the castle and read about its rich history as you venture through and take in each room, with many having much of its original furniture/décor in place. You can even venture to the top of the castle (you just have to climb some very, very narrow stairs to get to it), which gives you the most beautiful views of Dunedin.


Because it’s just 20 minutes from Dunedin’s city centre, staying at Lanarch Castle will make anyone feel like they’re royalty (even though you can’t quite stay in the castle itself). The equally cosy style of accommodation just adjacent to the castle are available and give lush cottage, French country bed and breakfast vibes. Breakfast with your choice of cooked and/or continental is available for all guests in the barn each morning.

Camp Estate

Just a short 5-minute walk from the castle will get you to these five-star, five-bedroom houses filled with the class and decadence of a modern-day baron. These rooms are inspired by neo-classical designs to strike a balance between modern and classical beauty.

Lodge Rooms

Within the castle grounds lies the ‘Lanarch Lodge’ accommodation. Built as a modern redesign of colonial farm buildings, the 4-Star rated Larnach Lodge has twelve themed rooms that relate to the historic Lanarch Castle setting ranging all the way from Scottish, to Enchanted Forest.

Stable Stay

Have you ever spent a night within a 140-year-old category 1 listed historic building before? Well now it is easy to do so within the ‘Larnach Castle Stable’. Located within Castle grounds and beside the Lodge. Rooms have this lofty, yet rustic atmosphere. Designed for the budget conscious traveller in mind, while still maintaining the Larnach Castle experience!

Not on the itinerary, but it should be

Seeing the castle lit up at night. Whether you end up checking in late, or want to take a leisurely wander at night, seeing the castle lit up at night is a spectacular vision and one to be remembered.