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Newmarket Lexinic Clinic’s solution to freezing off those extra pounds this winter

- 30th June 2021 - 


It’s easy to fall into the cycle of a life of dieting. We’ve all been there – keto, intermittent fasting, paleo, juice cleanses, clean-eating, plant based… the list goes on. But it’s those stubborn spots we can all struggle with when one hits a plateau within diet and exercise. It’s mentally draining to spend life within a toxic diet cycle, yet can feel near impossible to break out of.

Metabolic adaption is a common side effect of dieting, when the metabolism slows to preserve energy and maintain the body’s current weight with less energy.

Fat freezing has become all the buzz recently, introducing a safe and effective solution to spot reduce unwanted fat. While surgical fat reduction can come hand in hand with side effects and risk, Cooltech Define is a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure which uses cryolipolysis technology to simply target, freeze and break down fat cells. The beauty of this is a gentle body contour, allowing the client to feel more confident within a leaner physique and abdomen, without losing their gorgeous feminine curves (thought the procedure can also work for our male companions)

Newmarket specialty beauty and wellness clinic, Lexinic, offers the only Cooltech Define system in Australia and New Zealand. With each session, a 25-30% reduction in fat tissue can be achieved, with most clients requiring only 1-2 sessions, 3 months apart.

The procedure uses “360 cooling technology” to perform adipose tissue reduction, suctioning the fatty fold and applying a controlled cooling system throughout the surface of the treatment area. Nine different applicators are used to spot-reduce fat in multiple areas of the body, and up to four areas can be treated in a single session, allowing for full body remodelling. Most commonly, the treatment is used to target localised fat pockets such as the chin, arms and armpits, chest, stomach, love handles, hips, inner thigh and knee, and back.

Due to the gentle nature of the procedure, Cooltech Define is painless and requires no downtime. The treatment takes 45 minutes for the double chin, and 70 minutes on other areas. Lexinic offers a free consultation session to measure, evaluate the best personalised plan for each client, and offer a personalised treatment plan.