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Change your life with this product! 

-20th September 2022 - 

#Home & Design

Women who love to clean love to talk about hoovers! I am a clean freak and there is nothing that thrills me more than a hoover that works its magic over my floor. Recently we have seen so many great vacuum cleaners launch – the stick hoover has been an amazing back saver for us all, and works reasonable well but keeps being updated like your iPhone does, so you constantly feel like you need the latest greatest and that you are out of date. God forbid. 

I was recently offered a Samsung hoover Trial with the Samsung Bespoke Jet Elite, Extra Handstick Vacuum Cleaner. In my head I said, here we go - another version of the same thing with annoying attachments to learn. I didn’t even open the box for a week as I could not be bothered with the process. Well,who knew! When I did this machine rocked my pants off!  There is nothing like this product – it is the rock star of hoovers. Not only does it have superpower and can clean the dust and hairs out of your carpet and furniture (from 2 naughty white Jack Russells), but you never have to clean it out – it has this amazing stand that you put it in after each use and it sucks all the dust out! Like a jet engine it purrs. Yes! A luxury hoover that works. The battery on my stick machine goes quite quickly if you use it on high power and I was thrilled to find the Bespoke Jet Elite has a spare battery you just pop on and recharge the other one, so no waiting when its cleaning time! It also has an awesome stand with all the accessories, so you just grab the wet mop one, throw it on within 20 seconds and you are off mopping your floor, or the short car hoover head to clean your car seats with ultimate power. My house has never been so clean.  My world is honestly complete with this product. I simply refused to give it back. It has made my life so easy!  

Here is all the technical guff for you below, but I honestly could not recommend a product more. 10/10

 This appliance features a Clean Station, Jet Cyclone technology, an ergonomic telescopic wand, dual floor brushes, a power mop, and handy tools to deliver optimum cleaning performance. It also offers up to 120 minutes of run time, letting you clean more areas in one go.

Key Features

Superior Suction Power: The Samsung Bespoke Jet Elite Extra Handstick Vacuum Cleaner provides up to 210W of vacuum suction power, so it can seamlessly pick up dirt, dust, and particles on various surfaces. It incorporates a digital inverter motor with an improved stator, rotor, and 3D fan to ensure optimum cleaning performance. In addition, this vacuum cleaner operates at a noise level as low as 86 dBA.

Efficient Filtration System: It utilises a 5-step multi-layered filtration system, which helps effectively trap various fine dust and allergens. This system includes the main cyclone, a metal mesh grille filter, a jet cyclone, a washable microfilter, and a fine dust filter.

Jet Cyclone Technology: This Samsung appliance’s Jet Cyclone technology uses a high-efficiency, multi-cyclone structure with nine cyclones and 27 air inlets. This helps minimise the loss of suction power by creating an optimised air path.

Nifty Brushes: Using its Jet Dual Brush, Slim Action Brush, and Spray Spinning Sweeper, this Samsung Bespoke Vacuum Cleaner lets you efficiently tackle and wipe most floor types. Its sweeper also has a built-in 150ml water tank and reusable microfiber pads for added convenience.

Handy Tools and Storage: Versatile and portable, this Samsung Vacuum Cleaner includes a range of useful attachments, such as a pet tool, a crevice tool, a combination tool, and a flex tool. It also incorporates a cradle where you can neatly store all your accessories and brushes when not in use. In addition, the cradle includes a battery charging station and a handle.

Convenient Station: Thanks to this vacuum cleaner’s integrated Clean Station, you can efficiently and hygienically empty its bin without getting dust in your hands. It also uses Air Pulse technology to help trap dust inside without spreading it back into the air. For added convenience, this station also reliably stores and charges the stick vacuum for subsequent use.

Easy Cleanups: By detaching the 0.5 L dustbin from the hand-held body, you can quickly rinse it under the sink after each use. Some of its included filters are also washable*, making cleanups easier than ever!

Intuitive Interface: This cleaner utilises a user-friendly LED display where you can easily check the status of your vacuum’s available runtime, error alerts, and charging.

Long-Lasting Battery: This Samsung Handstick Vacuum Cleaner uses two powerful 25.2V lithium-ion batteries that offer up to 120 minutes of run time, allowing you to finish your cleaning routine with fewer battery switch-ups. It also takes up to 3.5 hours to fully charge.

Slim Design: This Samsung appliance showcases a lightweight structure, so you can quickly move and clean swiftly around your home. It also comes with a height-adjustable wand that allows you to clean hard-to-reach areas such as high ceilings, tall cabinets, stairs, or even under low furniture.

What’s in the Box: This pack includes 1x Samsung Bespoke Jet Elite Extra Handstick Vacuum Cleaner, 1x Clean & Charge Station, 2x Batteries, 1x Accessory Cradle, 1x +Jet Dual Brush, 1x Slim Action Brush, 1x Spray Spin Sweeper, 1x Pet Tool, 1x Combination & Crevice Tool, 1x Flexible Tool, 3x Dust Bags, 1x Antibacterial Reusable Pad, 1x Disposable Pad, and 1x User Guide.