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How to create your own personalised lush & luxurious floral arrangement

- 8th December 2020 - 


With Iain Stephens Florists

Who isn’t obsessed with flowers around the house and office? They can brighten any space and bring warmth to any room. We sat down with the team from Iain Stephens Florists to get their top five tips to help you create your own perfect arrangement.

1. Unique Vases/Container

Arranging flowers for your home is a fluid and creative process. Feel free to play around with different vases or containers to make different, unique arrangements that suit your mood and personal style.

2. Secure Your Stems

Another important step in creating a successful floral arrangement is finding a method of securing your stems in place, for example with chicken wire or dried branches.

3. Foliage First

Whether it's a more formal arrangement or a vase of wild flowers, the greenery creates the base for the flowers. This is also where your chicken wire, floral tape or floral foam is important. Getting the greenery securely in place is the key for not only creating a base for your arrangement, but also for getting the shape and size of your arrangement established.

4. Forage

Forage your favourite flowers and foliage from your own garden or visit your local florist to buy seasonal fresh flowers and foliage.

5. Shape/Proportion

Always try to make your arrangements one third vase and two thirds flowers. The idea is that there should always be more flowers than vase so that the flowers appear to be "overflowing" from the edge of the vase or container.

Good luck and have fun!