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I Have Landed

- 8th September 2020 -


You might have heard talk about The Landing in the far north, it’s known for its impressive clientele including President Obama along with many other VIP guests. Located on the Purerua Peninsula in Northland, The Landing is situated on a magnificent, breathtaking hill overlooking the water. 

Laura Morena met us at the gate and we started with a tour of the residences, as we entered the Cooper Residence I felt an energy like I had never felt. Walking outside onto the grass the sensation was incredible, my arms even tingled. It’s such a deeply spiritual place with a positive pull that made me feel so good. I am not the waffly type, but I recall saying to Laura - OMG what an energy this place has!  

The Cooper Residence sleeps up to 12 people and has everything you could possibly want. This includes a turret-like tower and a wine tasting room with a spectacular chandelier made from a bike wheel with hundreds of stunning Swarovski crystals.

The inside was beautifully curated with finishes in a soft palette that did not take away from the stunning vista. Full of beautiful blues and graceful greens while the interiors are complementary tones of brown, earth, beige alongside carefully curated pieces of Maori heritage and desirable art pieces.

The Gabriel residence sitting proudly on the hill was just as dramatic and stunning with more of a social feel. There is an abundance of areas to entertain and gather with your guests while the perfectly designed bedrooms sleep eight people. Again, the interior was full of natural colours and textures, calming yet allowed your eye to be naturally drawn to the outside.

If you appreciate contemporary architecture, then you will love The Boathouse! Striking, it’s located on the water’s edge, right next to the jetty. The view showcases our amazing Bay of Islands as you entertain your guests or relax with your loved ones. Enjoy extensive living space, including a covered courtyard, terraces and an outdoor fireplace area which flow seamlessly, allowing you to comfortably entertain 20 guests and sleep four in the two bedrooms.

Romantic and serene, The Vineyard Villa is aptly named, nestled within the stunning vines. Ideal for a lovers’ escape, it is also great for entertaining as it easily sleeps six with two king bedrooms and a master suite. Enjoy the vineyard, the coastline, and wetlands - a luxury rural get away from city living! I loved the beautiful sunset views and open-air fire - and I am sure you will too.

While each unique in their own way, there was a sense of comfort in each residence, it felt like you had arrived at the perfect place.

The Wine 

We had heard so much about the vineyard and the wine that was being made at The Landings - and had high expectations. Keith Barker introduced us to the brand and we sipped the first glass of rosé cautiously.

Another OMG moment. Was this rosé really this good or was it the environment that was taking me to a different place, another sip and yes yes yes! The 2020 rosé rocks and as we learn more about the other wines being made and how the vineyard is cared for, we realised this is just how it should be. A vineyard and winery that lets the wine be the wine. No enhancement - just care, consideration for the feeding and surroundings. You may just find out about The Landings via The Landings wine as it is now distributed globally

The Lunch

The Landings private Chef Jacqueline Smith prepared a special lunch for us to finish our wine tasting, a delicious karaage chicken alongside a refreshing salsa salad with flavour that popped. We ended with a gluten-free chocolate brownie as while I am not a coeliac, I prefer gluten-free as it seems to sit well with me. It was indulgent and the perfect way to finish the afternoon on a sweet note, sweetened further by the incredible views! Seemingly endless vines stretched over the green grass and the sparkling sea in the distance.

I have stayed at luxury lodges and five-star hotels; dined at Michelin-star restaurants and enjoyed food prepared by world-class chefs. Between this and The Landing’s reputation, I went in with high expectations. I was hugely impressed with the entire experience; every detail is considered yet the place still feels authentic. An oasis in the far north, The Landing lives up to expectations. What are you waiting for? Life is about unforgettable experiences and if this year has taught us anything, it’s to buy the expensive wine, eat at the restaurant you’ve always wanted to, and to create memories, not regrets.