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Introducing Belle Époque – NZ’s own nutrition & wellness clinic.

- 11th December 2020 - 


Belle Époque is the brainchild of probably, New Zealand’s most qualified nutritionist, Dr Sarah Mitchell Weston.

Belle Époque services include private, scientifically endorsed, specialist nutrition advice for individuals or couples who are interested in transformation and enhancement of a healthy lifestyle. Among the client categories that Belle Époque Nutrition and Wellness Clinic aims to assist, are weight management, gut health, plant-based diets, sport and fitness, pregnancy, and nutrition for older people.

Belle Époque literally translates from French as “beautiful Epoch” and refers to a time in history, rich in innovation, scientific progress and the arts. It also loosely refers to a Golden Age or for an individual’s one’s ‘Golden Years’.

Belle Époque is presently located on the Auckland City fringe, in a modern apartment building within the Vinegar Lane precinct, a two-minute walk from Ponsonby, Great North and Karangahape Roads.

Belle Époque is now open for nutrition consultations, either face-to-face or via skype or zoom; consultations can be most easily booked online.

About Dr Sarah Mitchell Weston PhD

Sarah gained her doctorate in 2020, following several years combining study with practical hands-on clinical trails at Auckland’s acclaimed medical research centre, The Liggins Institute. 

Her PhD thesis explored the effect of dietary protein on the gut microbiome. 

Whilst her expertise lies in gut health, through her earlier career experience in nutrition consultancy and previous post-graduate research in Sport Science, she helps clients in various other areas including weight loss, sport nutrition and plant-based nutrition to name a few.