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Introducing the Pure Gold Collection from La Prairie

- 18th May 2021 - 


“A kind of golden hour one remembers for a lifetime – everything was touched by magic”.

- Margaret Bourke-White

The Pure Gold Diffusion System

Inspired by the golden hour moment, La Prairie seeks to recreate its unique radiance and impart it to the skin. The house aspires to imbue skin with resplendence, as if lit from within. One precious, rare ingredient can transmit this undeniable beauty: gold. A noble metal, its warm flattering lustre withstands the passage of time, steadfast, persisting.

Gold is endowed with unique properties found in no other mineral. Its incomparable hue is due to its electrons that absorb energy-rich blue light and reflect complementary yellow light as a warm tone, similar to that found in radiant skin.

Yet gold’s lustre is not only reflective. At the submicron scale, a large fraction of gold atoms are concentrated at the gold particle’s surface, allowing for the attachment of active ingredients. These are then released from the gold particles in a time-controlled manner when they interact with the skin, providing a steady diffusion of actives particular well-suited for devitalised skin (skin that is fragile, thin, dry, rough and full, deficient in nutrients)

To address this particularity of devitalised skin, La Prairie has developed a new and exclusive Pure Gold Diffusion System, designed to provide immediate radiance and sustained delivery of two key replenishing ingredients to help compensate for the loss of receptiveness of the skin. The Pure Gold Diffusion System works in a three-peak action sequence. First comes the immediate deposition of gold particles on the skin’s surface to offer the look of instant radiance.

Upon application, they immediately penetrate the skin and initiate skin nourishment and revitalisation. Finally, a steady release of the replenishing active ingredients attached to submicron gold particles completes the sequence. Once released, they penetrate the skin in a delayed infusion to ensure that optimal levels are maintained in the skin and further support long term skin renewal.

Skin is left feeling revitalised, replenished, and enriched.

The Pure Gold Ritual

Pure Gold Radiance Concentrate

- A generous serum that provides immediate and long-term benefits to the skin for an unprecedented glow. Designed to smooth the skin and refine its texture.

Pure Gold Radiance Cream

- This rich luxurious moisturiser ignites the complexion with the radiance of pure gold, returning a glow to the skin that time has extinguished.

Pure Gold Radiance Eye Cream

- La Prairie captures the radiant glow of youth with this eye cream, enriched with the Pure Gold Diffusion System. The eye area is immediately more luminous, deeply hydrated and appears redefined over time.