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Jag me any day

- 29th April 2021 - 


The F Pace Jaguars personality is that of a Gemini Dragon, with its first personality being a powerful luxurious SUV for those who enjoy a cool sports drive, and its other personality is very conscious and understated, caring, and safe. The dragon is kind yet powerful with a big personality. There is so much I loved about this SUV and all its personalities.

The F pace is powered by new mild hybrid petrol and diesel engines, with the option of a plug in Hybrid if you are wanting to be careful about your fuel consumption and Co2 emissions.

It is a magical car to drive, so compact yet you feel big and strong on the road. The comfort level is beyond satisfactory and the new display screen gives you all the necessary entertainment and car control options with minimal movement.

We headed north and it felt like the F Pace just ate up the road and it was like driving on a cloud. This SUV is sophisticated, courageous, and full of great safety features. The Jaguar All Wheel Drive with Intelligent Driveline Dynamics is a predictive all-wheel drive system. While others only become active after the car loses traction, this system pre-emptively shifts torque to the front wheels to maintain control and composure before grip is lost. The built in driver assistance was also great for parking and made driving on motorways more relaxing.

This is an SUV for someone who loves quality and precision.

With limited vehicles in NZ you will be very lucky to get one of these magical beasts! Place your order!


- Buy from Archibald & Shorter

- 5 litre supercharged V8 engine

- Top speed 286km/h

- Available as a plug in hybrid electric vehicle and a mild hybrid electric vehicle