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Japanese with a twist

- 9th December 2020 - 


Tucked away in Ellerslie is an amazing Japanese restaurant owned by Mr Tanaka


I have always been especially fond of Japanese cuisine, so needless to say I was looking forward to trying this delightful local favourite.

The distinct flavours and fresh ingredients make this restaurant an unforgettable experience. I always say it all comes down to the Sashimi – it must be perfectly sliced, pleasing to the eyes as well as incredible fresh. The sashimi at Mr Tanakas was delicious and extended my expectations.

Their menu is extensive and has all the Japanese favourites: crispy squid, tempura soft shell crab, karaage chicken as well as some original creations like Miso Egg plant and asparagus with yuzo hollandaise sauce (amazing)

We gobbled it all up and made sure it was all photographed for Instagram as Japanese food is a social media gem.

A local favourite, this restaurant is always buzzing with a great atmosphere. So, when thinking about dinner tonight why not try this cool Japanese restaurant. We highly recommend the Sashimi