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Join the cult for beautiful skin

- 24th March 2021 - 


Antipodes is Scientific Green Beauty brand line utilizing pollution free, New Zealand’s native ingredients to produce award-winning, plant-powered, premium skincare.

The cult of beautiful skin begins with water treatment. Scientific innovation of avocado oil and premium native flax extracts, combined with some more of the cleanest ingredients on earth, bring nature’s new beauty ritual straight to you in the form of a perfect, night-time cream.

Winner of Best Brand 2020 at the Free from Skincare Awards, and three-time winner of the Natural Health International Beauty Awards – including Best Natural Brand of 2012 – Antipodes is a globally renowned brand that brings nature’s wonders out in all skin types, and is featured by international publications such as InStyle, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

Antipodes believe in fresh and healthy, and that “real-looking” glowing skin is not a product of cookie-cutter remedies, and that probiotics are known to dermatologists for their health-enhancing effects on the body, particularly the skin. Antipodes know probiotics, in particular, play a vital role in the regulation of the body’s largest organ, the skin, which is constantly hosting over 1,000 different species of live bacteria.

Unbeknownst to many, bacteria are collected from a range of pollutants in our environment. The microbiome is “a finely balanced ecosystem of bacterial activity”. And a healthy microbiome will enhance skin-barriers, offer relief from allergies, help to protect from allergens, free radicals and potential skin pollutants. 

CEO of Antipodes, Elizabeth Barbalich, says that we can be exposed to these forms of bacteria in many different ways which, in turn, can affect our skin barriers. That’s why it’s more important than ever to cultivate good self-care rituals when it comes to our skin. That we protect, hydrate and restore wherever possible.

And this is what makes Antipodes Night Recovery concoction the ultimate in skincare.

Its probiotic-infused formulation contains substances which stimulate the growth of microorganisms, especially those with beneficial properties e.g., those of the intestinal floral, skin cells, etc.

For starters, Antipodes Night Recovery is designed to retain strong skin barriers and microbiome regulation with a key probiotic ingredient: Kalibiome AGE Probiotic.

Kalibiome is an innovative development in anti-aging and skin regeneration. It is a natural, non-live bacteria (also referred to as “post-biotic”).

Anti-aging properties of Kalibiome AGE have been identified through robust probiotic tests that show it increases natural levels of hydration by the stimulating production of hyaluronic acid in skin cells.

And the science is equally fascinating. Hyaluronic acid works wonders because regulates your skin’s upper epidermal layers, a naturally occurring bodily secretion, which holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water.

Not only does it help to protect against harmful environmental pollutants that interfere negatively with skin cell regulation, but it only adds to Antipodes Night Recovery Water Cream’s intensive moisturizing benefits. The formula serves to balance “good” bacteria over “bad” bacteria with water-charged formulation for a healthy microbiome. Enhanced by a host of hydrating bioactive ingredients that support healthy skin, identify and propagates healthy skin cells.

An intensely hydrating, premium water cream featuring tons of bacteria, plant-based acids, minerals, and New Zealand herbal extracts, Antipodes Culture Probiotic Night Recovery Cream is designed to promote and reawaken healthier-looking skin.