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Keeping Your Eye On... 

- 29 APRIL 2020 -


It was the strong values of family and health that set Arna Ross on the path to creating frozen bliss; a delicious range of organic, dairy free ice cream. 

With high daily intolerances and allergies throughout her young family, Arna decided to make them a healthy treat that was not only dairy free, but also refined sugar free. The result? An absolutely delicious ice cream that tastes like it should be naughty! Arnais always trialling new flavours and works to create the perfect consistency. She sources certified organic products to hand-make this divine frozen treat, all while juggling a young family! This summer sees the culmination of a dream and the release of Arna’s coconut ice cream, Frozen Bliss. 

What are you passionate about?
Food nutrition and natural health is a strong passion of mine and I could spend all day learning about food as natural medicine and now different foods to nourish the body. Growing up with allergies and now having three children with intolerances opened the doors of research, recipe trials and learning exactly what is in our food. The quality of our food is critical to our everyday health and wellbeing and this is exactly why I started Frozen Bliss, making healthy coconut ice cream that is 100% natural, free from allergens and containing no refined sugar. There needs to be more healthy alternatives on the market to satisfy our needs without all the junk that is poison to our bodies.

What does health mean to you?
To me, creating optimal health is about focusing on the entire body and mind, encouraging balance within yourself by giving your body the proper nutrients it needs to thrive, exercising and mental stimulation. 

What would we find on your bedside table?
 We live by the beach so my house is full of beach themed furnishings, all from the lovely local Koco Boutique. On my bedside table there is an amazing beach inspired hanging lamp, Surmanti body mousse (coconut flavoured of course), some amazing smelling candles and my organic peppermint tea. 

What is your favourite ice cream flavour?
That is a hard one! I think it depends on what mood I am in. but if I’m needing a sweet treat, I would have to go for the Salted Caramel Ripple. If I feel like something more fresh on a nice hot day then you can’t beat a tub of the Strawberry Sensation. 

Where’s your dream travel destination?

If I could only choose one, then it would have to be Whistler in Canada. I spent five months there working and snowboarding after finishing university and had the most amazing time. Its such a fun snow city with yummy food, lovely people and just such a good vibe.