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Land, air, sea - and Kyria Warren

- 27th May 2021 - 


More so than ever, New Zealand is the envy of the world. There’s the stunning landscapes, rolling mountains, crisp glaciers and lush bush, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean waters and, of course, the blue skies that gives the land of the long white cloud it’s name.

One name has quickly become synonymous with luxury travel in a post-Covid world - Luxury LAS. Known for taking the best of the country’s land, air and sea for an unforgettable travel experience, Luxury LAS and CEO Kyria Warren were flying high.

However, with no international tourists, borders shut and a lockdown looming, Kyria, like so many other business owners, was forced to question everything. Faced with the consequences of covid restrictions, Kyria reluctantly had to let go of all her staff and start afresh.

Despite the challenges that covid threw at the company, she refused to give in.

“I had time to myself in the first lockdown and did a lot of internal work. The ideas for Luxury LAS flowed so as soon as the lockdown was lifted, I began rebuilding,” Kyria says.

“We grew our client base and just as the business began taking off, the second lockdown happened. Although this time I was determined not to lay off my staff. I took a big hit with maintaining my employees’ wages but I knew it was a great opportunity to build the backbone of the company.”

Kyria knew she had to think differently for her business to survive. Inspired by the skillset of her employees, Kyria pivoted and introduced an events management service to Luxury LAS to cater to those with grand ideas. Requests flooded in and the team could showcase their talents by throwing extravagant themed birthday parties and glamourous company launches on superyachts.

“Seeing our clients jaw drop when they see their vision come to life is so rewarding. We’re in our element designing unique events and it excites us to offer magical moments to others.”

With a firm understanding of premium accommodation and thrilling experiences throughout New Zealand, Luxury LAS has brought a fresh offering to the corporate market with inspiring itineraries designed for corporate incentives and team-building purposes.

Kyria and her team have taken clients through the rolling hills of Matakana, given them the best dining experiences in sumptuous surroundings on a superyacht, and invited them to wander the golden beaches and vineyards of Waiheke Island and sail in the breathtaking Bay of Islands. Her determination resulted in Luxury LAS now being one of the largest domestic travel companies in New Zealand.

After navigating a one in a hundred year pandemic to come out on top, there’s one thing that’s for sure. There’s nothing in the land, air or sea that can stop Kyria Warren and her passionate team.