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Living the Good Life

- 9th November 2020 - 


We’ve all heard of probiotics right, normally they come in a pill - well did you know that you can find the same type of ‘good bacteria’ in food? New Zealand based Living Goodness certainly do, they’ve created a range of fermented foods that are raw containing live, tasty, probiotic bacteria.

They believe it’s easy to do something good for yourself when you eat Living Goodness’ fermented food. They have six fabulous flavours to choose from; raw Sassy Sauerkraut which contains dill, carraway seeds & juniper berries, spicy Sum Yum Kimchi which gives a kick to any dish, fermented beetroot, green and red cabbage for some purple Heartbeet Kraut love on your plate, Super Superkraut with Wakame seaweed, kale & cabbage, the slightly spicy fermented coleslaw Quick Draw Slaw and the plain simple but very tasty Naked Kraut, just cabbage and salt. 

Have just a few spoons with your lunch or dinner, add some into a sandwich or sprinkle some on to a salad, much tastier than a pill and they can help balance & build your digestion.  

Make sure you try some Living Goodness today – because this Kraut Rocks!