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Luxury Living at Intercontinental Fiji

- 4th July 2024-


Fiji has always been a bucket list destination for me, thebeautiful white sand beaches, the coral reefs, and vibrant culture had alwaysmesmerised me. I dreamt of sipping on cocktails watching the sun set after aday of utter relaxation. The allure of this tropical paradise had captured myimagination for years, and finally, in June I turned that dream into a reality.My partner and I saved our pennies and booked a flight to Fiji, bravely decidingto bring our 2-and-a-half-year-old Toddler in tow.


When it came to booking accommodation, the options areendless, but as soon as we came across Intercontinental Fiji we were sold – themix of luxury and relaxation, alongside family friendly facilities and warmFijian hospitality – we knew that this was the place for us.


Nestled on the serene shores of Natadola Bay, Viti Levu,Intercontinental Fiji is award-winning, and it’s not hard to see why. Just 55minutes from Nadi Airport, the resort feels secluded and remote, the sheer sizeof the resort is impressive, with facilities, resorts and suites spread outacross 35 acres of beachside tropical gardens.

Upon arrival, we were welcomed by song and Fijian necklaces,“welcome home” we were told, and that’s exactly what it felt like. After aseamless check in and welcome drink we were taken by buggy (I told you the resortis big) to Club Intercontinental, where we waited until our room was ready for checkin.  No boring sitting around, desperateto entertain a toddler, we were met with complimentary drinks and told to enjoythe facilities. My toddler immediately was drawn to the pool, where she spentthe next few hours practicing ‘blowing bubbles’. My partner and I baked on thesun loungers and gave each other that ‘why haven’t we come here sooner look.’

Club Intercontinental is an additional charge, but one thatis well worth it as the ‘extras’ are second to none – complimentary mocktailsand juices all day long, breakfast buffet and daily high tea – a delightfulritual where we savoured delicate pastries, finger sandwiches and scones.


Before we knew it our room was ready, and we were in awe – utterbeauty. There was an enormous bedroom with super king bed, large lounge anddining area, wall to wall seating and impressive ‘His and Hers’ bathroom. Thenwe stepped outside – our own plunge pool and outside bath - *when can I movein?!


Nearing dinnertime (for our Toddler, anyways) we headed to KamaLounge to catch the daily torch lighting ceremony. As the sun began to set, wewatched this tradition and my toddler was particularly captivated, her eyeswide with wonder as the fires were lit one by one. This quickly became anightly highlight for us all and added a unique touch to our evenings. Wegrabbed some drinks off the sunset menu and ordered a few bites to share whiletaking in our surroundings. My toddler had immediately taken off with someother children on the grass area, a testament to how friendly everyone is. There’sno judgement or concern, just families enjoying the utter relaxation that Intercontinentalprovides.

The next morning my partner enjoyed 18-holes at the resort’sstunning, championship course. Meanwhile, my toddler and I took off for thefamily pool where we stayed, no joke, all day. This pool was the perfect sizeand depth for my brave girl; she was ecstatic that she could walk around mostof the pool and happily made friends with similar sized humans all day.Lunchtime was a breeze as we were parked by loungers that had a QR code to TobaBar & Grill; a simple few clicks and we had meals and drinks delivered – isthere anything better!?


That afternoon it was my turn for some ‘me’ time and I knew exactlywhere I wanted to go – Spa Intercontinental. I’d heard amazing things about theSpa and was excited for some rejuvenation. I opted for a full body massage,which was like heaven and being a tired mum, I could nearly have fallen asleep.I then took advantage of the waiting lounge, where I relaxed in my soft robe,sipping on my detox juice, taking in the views. 

That evening (after the daily torch ceremony, of course) we hadbooked in for dinner at Sanasana, one of the resort’s dining options and weindulged in different cuisines – Korean Fried Chicken, Vietnamese rice paperrolls and chickpea curry. We had brought along our Toddlers Tablet so she couldhave some ‘me’ time herself, and my partner and I could enjoy each other’scompany. We were also treated a fire dancing performance. The skill of thesedancers was breathtaking (albeit a little scary) and again, my toddler watchedin wide-eyed amazement!


Another day came and went, and we spent it once again, basedat the family pool. Although today my partner and I took turns sneaking off thetranquil adults-only infinity pool where each visit was a slice of paradise.The serene water coupled with complete silence and stunning views provided theperfect escape.


Throughout our stay, we were continuously impressed by theexceptional hospitality of the resort staff. Their friendliness and genuinecare made us feel truly special. Travelling with our toddler made us feel as ifwe were travelling with a celebrity – she was adored by everyone, and the staffwent out of their way to make her feel special.


It was time to leave in the morning, and though I’d spent agood hour the previous day frantically searching for options to stay longer anddelay our flights, we couldn’t make it work. It was time to pack our bags andleave; one last buggy ride from our room to the reception where we checked outand mentally told each other that we’d be back. Intercontinental is the perfectblend of luxury, adventure, and cultural discovery. The beautiful surroundings,exceptional amenities and heartfelt hospitality created a vacation that we willcherish forever.