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Mustang Madness with Mustang High Performance

- 24th March 2021 - 


I was born on a farm in Taranaki in the 1970s, a time when it was renowned for farmers to drive big V8Fords. My father loved Fords and his dream car was always a mustang. He worked hard to now own one and loves driving it here there and everywhere. So it’s no surprise that my passion and connection with Ford’s has never died over the years.

At first glance, the Ford Mustang is the ultimate muscle car. But recently, Mustang has increased its environmental awareness. When people think of a Mustang, they often think of a noisy V8 - which would have been my first choice in the past, but the High-Performance Fastback is an exceptional vehicle with plenty of performance and less emissions, falling in line with the government’s recent clean car announcements.

My stepson James and I took the Mustang north for its first outing. We were surprised by the smoothness and quietness then we realised there was a whole new level of grunt you can slip into! There are so many awesome driving options in this baddie, and you feel like you’re actually driving (not like the lazy level of many vehicles today). The level of comfort in the Mustang was also surprising, it felt luxurious, powerful and a show-off in every way!

We glided along the road and reached our destination in no time at all. In my mind this is the perfect vehicle. It’s simple really, every garage should have a Mustang in it.

A few facts on the High Performance 2.3L Fastback

• Fuel economy is 9.6L/100k

• Starting price $67,990+ORC

• Bluetooth and voice control

• Cruise Control

• Phenomenal brakes

• Airbags everywhere