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New Personal Styling App

- 10th June 2021 - 


Mrs Tyler normalises all bodies and allows you to shop looks from REAL women across the globe.

Mys Tyler is revolutionising online shopping by offering women a new way to find clothing that actually fits their shape, size, and style. Initially soft-launched in August 2020, Mys Tyler allowed women to find their celebrity body double for fashion inspiration. Now, the app has introduced contributors – stylish women from around the world sharing their fashion wins on the platform. The free app, already downloaded 83,000 times, helps women discover fashion content that is body relevant. Self-love and body positivity are the centre of Mys Tyler’s mission to create a space where all women feel represented and can find fashion inspiration from a diverse range of contributors.

By creating an accurate picture of how items will look and fit on your own body, Mys Tyler takes the guesswork out of shopping, and saves women from the inefficient (and often demoralising) trial, error and return cycle. A cycle that also has negative economic and environment impacts.

“We’re fixing a critical flaw in the world of fashion that has meant women have had to buy clothes off models or influencers who look nothing like them,” says Mys Tyler founder & CEO, Sarah Neill. “Until now, women have had to imagine what clothes would look like on themselves, only to try them on with a shockingly low success rate.”

Sarah, a Sydney born and raised serial entrepreneur has returned home after a decade living and working in top tier start-ups in the US to build Mys Tyler. She explains that the industry has been trying to solve fit, with solutions like body scanning and virtual fitting rooms. “These tech solutions aren’t solving the human problem. As women we know fit is more than just size, it’s how clothes flatter our shape, complement our colouring and knowing how to style them. While current solutions have fallen short on solving fit, we believe that real women and a little bit of innovation can.”

According to research, 91% of those who ordered clothing online are not satisfied with fit and 30-40% of clothing and shoes purchased online are returned. Not to mention the often-demoralising fitting room experience most women face thanks to the disparity between how clothes look on a model compared to real bodies of myriad sizes, heights, and ethnicities. Mys Tyler is looking to change all of this. The first-of-its-kind fashion app works in three simple steps:

1. A body quiz and Mys Tyler’s FIT algorithm matches women of similar heights, sizes and skin tones.

2. Users choose to ‘follow’ women whose style they like to create a personalised feed of fashion content that is body and style relevant.

3. They can then shop their favourite items directly through the app.

Mys Tyler plans to empower women to shop inspiration that truly fits, and ultimately combat the fashion industry’s trillion-dollar returns problem. Mys Tyler is now available on the App Store and Google Play as a free download.