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Plenty to Celebrate at House of Dumplings

- 23rd July 2022 - 


2022 has been a year of celebrations so far for Vicky Ha, Director and Founder of Wellington based House of Dumplings. She has celebrated being in business for ten years, updated the  packaging of her existing sell-out sauces, and released two new chilli oils just in time for winter. 

Coming from humble beginnings, House of Dumplings was founded using recipes and techniques  that were passed down from generations of master dumpling makers, and after winning  customers over with their freshly cooked dumplings and unique range of sauces, Vicky created a  frozen range that could easily be cooked at home. The point of difference with House of  Dumplings is that everything, yes, everything, is made from scratch - from the pastry to the  sauces. With no steaming required, they can be pan-fried within 5 minutes straight from the  freezer. Moreover, they’re made with all-natural, free-range New Zealand ingredients with no  MSG or numbers, so there’s no need to feel guilty while devouring. 

Self-proclaimed ‘Queen of Dumplings’ Vicky, is thrilled to celebrate her business’s 10-year  birthday, citing Rachel Tuleilei and Martin Bosley from Wellington’s City Market, and the town of  Wellington, as major reasons for her success. 

“I was given a golden opportunity back in 2012 and we’ve gone from strength to strength since.  Being a Wellingtonian myself, the city has always had a special place in my heart. They say it  takes a village to bring up a brand, and Wellington for me is my village; one that is full of genuine,  humble, and kind people.” 

When asked how House of Dumplings has become so successful, the firecracker entrepreneur  notes that it all comes down to her loyal customers. “As a brand the hardest thing to do is remain true to our values, but the fact that we have is why  our customers love us in the first place. Our loyal customers, of whom many have become friends,  are who I work hard for; we never want to take our customers for granted.” 

This year, Vicky and her team have updated the packaging of their existing two sauces; the  dangerously addictive ‘Mum’s Soy Tangy Sauce’ and the original chilli Oil with Szechuan pepper,  in addition to creating two brand new products: the Hot chilli oil with hot pepper and the Mild chilli  oil with garlic. These sauces are bound to be delicious on your dumplings, but also become staple  pantry ingredients, adding that extra ‘pizazz’ to any dish.

The mild chilli oil with garlic is said to be the ‘entry level’ to hot chilli oil, while the hot chilli oil with  hot pepper is for those chilli maniacs. House of Dumplings have managed to create the tastiest,  most versatile range and the best part is that there’s a chilli oil for everyone - even if you thought  you couldn’t handle anything spicier than a grind of black pepper.