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Revelations of Isolation

- 7th June 2020 -


Now that we’re inching closer and closer to ‘normality’ we can start doing all the things that we missed so dearly while we were in lockdown: petting puppies, hugs, going to bars, wandering around the mall, BRUNCH. You get the drill.But perhaps more importantly, isolation gave us a chance to reflect and realign – down time to think about what’s important. 

1. Support Local
– Covid has had an ongoing effect on our economy and it’s now more important than ever to support local small businesses. Your support could make all the difference.

2.  Reconnecting with yourself – what better time to reconnect with yourself than lockdown? Time to reassess what is bringing you joy in your life and what may be bringing you down

3.  Appreciate the little things in life – giving your friends and family hugs, popping down to your local coffee shop. Isolation has stripped back small luxuries that we would take for granted

4. Slowing down – whether that means taking a day to work at home so that you’re not stuck in traffic, taking the time to go on a long walk in nature or spending 20 minutes meditating, Covid has taught us all that it’s ok to slow down.

5.  Travel in our own backyard – while we won’t be able to venture overseas for quite some time, this is the perfect opportunity to travel within New Zealand and support the tourism industry. Head to Waiheke for a zip line and wine tour, indulge in some cheese rolls in the deep South or go skiing in Queenstown.