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Science of Artesian Water

- 10th March 2021 - 


Artesian water is natural, mineralized water that is produced far differently than the average water you might pick up from your local store. It is deep groundwater that funnels through aquafers — layers of permeable rock, such as limestone, clay or shale — that is confined and put under pressure. Artesian water comes from the town, Artois, in France, which is best known for the old Artesian, the wells specifically drilled by Romans in the Middle Ages to locate the most high-quality H2O around.

New Zealand’s Nakd produces artesian water similarly, but also in such a way that is unique to our own landscape.

Beginning in Antarctica, water vapors travel across the South Pacific Ocean and eventually turn into rainfall on the ranges of the North Island. The fall seeps below the surface of the earth and undergoes at least 50 years of permeation through porous volcanic rocks. This form of natural filtration enriches the water. It is then collected from Nakd’s own underground aquafer location and captured from 80 meters below Aotearoa’s fertile ground.

Rich in minerals like silica, Nakd water offers the most supreme hydration. It has perfectly balanced alkalinity which provides the “soft sweet taste” that fans love.

And the lower percentage of nitrates renders Nakd one of the purest and cleanest waters in the world. With a minimalist bottle design to match the nude elegance of 100% untarnished aqua.