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Select skincare simplicity

- 11th February 2021 - 


It’s overwhelming trying to pick from the many millions of products that are on the beauty market today.

If you are like me, skin care has always been an incredibly daunting, time consuming and frustrating task. And a lot of the time you don't even know where to start.

Should I or shouldn’t I use toner? How do I apply this oil? Do I use an applicator for face masks? Should I dry by dabbing with a flannel, or should I try and find a self-drying product? Why does this “hydrating” cleanser say, “for all skin types”, yet my skin is still a desert wasteland?

What am I doing wrong?!

As a young girl, I recall experimenting with random skin butters, gels, and toners found at the back of my mother's vanity drawer. Needless to say, it inevitably led to a breakout of hives and disaster.

And by my mid-teens I found that many of the products I was using I’d been applying in reverse order… And even in the instances that I managed to get the sequence right, they still didn’t work.

Facepalms aside, Snowberry understands the struggle.

Not everyone is aware of the art that is skin care routines. And by that, I mean choosing from a multitude of products, managing to apply them in the correct order, and keeping your fingers crossed that you get the outcome you deserve. Especially considering all the effort you put in to purchase and trial them. Ugh!

Thank goodness for Snowberry NZ has a range of premium, natural skin care products with guides on selection and layering (without giving yourself a hellish nightmare on the most sensitive epidermis of your body).

Their selection guide (which can be found HERE) designed for customers targeting particular skin concerns and diversities, including cleansers, sun protection and make up removers for a variety of skin types.

They help you figure out what products best fit your needs and the order in which to use them. All without you having to trial a million different products to no avail.

For me, it’s a modern-day miracle that a brand like Snowberry NZ exists. Not only do they showcase an exciting range of fresh, eco-friendly naturally-infused NZ products, but they’ve simultaneously developed the vast majority of their products to cover all skin types — even those with more targeted concerns, such as eyebags or lines, facial lines, uneven skin tone, acne and rosacea! And you don’t have to take on a myriad of self-defeating chemical experiments.

The result is giving you resilient, radiant, glowing skin. So, put your best face forward. Check out their product range and layering tips.