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Social Drinking & Social Distancing – Matakana’s newest

- 24th March 2021 - 


2020 has become known to many as a cursed year, as the 2012 apocalypse that came late. There is no doubt that 2020 was a devastating year for us all. The novel coronavirus has forced many of us seek new employment opportunities, caused economically destructive lockdowns, and is responsible handful of tragic deaths. Even so, the events of 2020 also saw a truly heart-warming display of solidarity and kindness from the people of New Zealand. People from all over Aotearoa banded together (at a safe distance) to fight the spread of the virus; social distancing, mask wearing, social bubbles, working from home, signing in to the COVID-app, spreading messages of love and solidarity with the “teddy-bear in the window” campaign, the list goes on. It was this love and solidarity displayed by the citizens of New Zealand that inspired Matakana’s latest wine.

Matakana’s latest Pinot Gris is entitled “Together,” in commemoration of the New Zealand people’s unity in fighting the spread of the virus. The label features art by Wellingtonian student Hannah Russel and depicts the various landmarks of New Zealand alongside its diverse community (all in face masks). In keeping with the spirit of charity and kindness the people of New Zealand displayed in a time of hardship, Matakana promises that with every bottle sold, a dollar will be donated to the Harbour Hospice in Warkworth.

According to Matakana the wine itself has flavours of apple and pear, with shades of citrus and hints of spice. With the good work Harbour hospice has done with so many whanau, supporting them through a high-quality wine seems a good deal to us. So, pour yourself a glass and enjoy the company of friends, at a safe distance of course.