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Auckland’s new vegetarian restaurant that has everyone abuzz  

- 30th March 2022 - 


Auckland foodies rejoice! This famous vegetarian restaurant, loved for its authenticity, has finally come to Dominion Rd and has everyone abuzz. 

Vegetarian restaurant STEAM brings together some of the finest delicacies from different corners of India, serving up an array of Punjabi dishes, one of the most celebrated foodie destinations of the world. Well-known in Rotorua, it’s popular amongst locals and travellers alike, with many making sure STEAM is top of the list when passing through town. 

Their Auckland restaurant has everything diners know and love about STEAM. It serves only vegetarian food, opting out of using preservatives, food colouring or MSG. STEAM has an ethos of serving all diners and cater for no onion, no garlic and more - ensuring no one misses out. 

No longer satisfied with just butter chicken or chicken tikka masala, New Zealanders have come to expect an array of Indian dishes - and a certain level of authenticity. From rajma chawal to paneer pasanda, aloo matar to baingan bharta, STEAM’s delicious food transports diners, all in a warm and inviting environment. 

Owner of STEAM is thrilled to be sharing their unique dining experiences with Aucklanders and cannot wait to become part of the city’s most bustling food hub, Dominion Rd.

‘We couldn’t be more excited to share our authentic, delicious cuisine with Auckland,” says the owner. 

“Over the last few years, Indian cuisine has really gone global. With this surge in popularity has come many leading restaurants and food chains opening internationally - making it easy for diners to enjoy these once rare dishes rather easily. That’s what we hope with STEAM: to bring the dishes that we love from home and create a place that diners can enjoy with ease.”