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Summer sessions at Ki Māha 

- 17th December 2020 - 


Waiheke Island has garnered a reputation for its romantic vineyards, pristine beaches, and world-class restaurants. An oasis with its own rich history, it’s hard to believe that its only 30 minutes from the CBD. Now, Waiheke has a new kid on the block - Ki Māha.

Now that we’re all about to have a much-deserved break over summer, we can take the time to explore our own backyard in Aotearoa. The first place we’re recommending is Ki Māha.

Ki Māha has already garnered a name for itself, with many seeking to dine at this beachfront restaurant. The name itself tells a story and helps customers understand the philosophy behind this beachside restaurant. In te reo Maori, ‘māha’ translates as ‘to be gifted, satisfied, contented-by the attainment of the desired object’. After consulting with renowned Maori sculptor and artist Carin Wilson as well as ‘A Dictionary of the Maori Language’, compiled by William Williams. Carin Wilson just had one piece of advice, a seemingly minor addition to the name.

The prefix ‘Ki’ was added which translates as ‘to, into, towards’ but more importantly it indicates movement or motion towards something. And so not only was the name born but also a philosophy and sense of spirit. Ki Māha is more than just a name, it is an invitation to one and to all to come to this unique place and embark on a culinary journey of the very best in New Zealand cuisine.

Owners of Ki Māha are Dominique Parat and his wife Tania. Being in the hospitality business is in Dominique’s DNA, having previously owned Mekong Baby, Banque Remuera and Isobar.

Ideally located right on Onetangi Beach, Ki Māha speaks of pleasure, of contentment in a special place perfectly balanced between land and sea. Enjoy sustainably harvested seafood from freshly shucked oysters, cured salmon, seared scallops to whole crayfish. New Zealand’s seafood is unlike any other and is best enjoyed fresh. And of course, with an ocean view.

For those looking for food from the land, all the meats are ethically farmed. Dine on seared venison loin, roasted lamb rump and chargrilled sirloin steak. Head Chef Warren Kerr gives each dish the unique Ki Māha touch. Relax, beachside and sip on a glass of the restaurants own label, Ki Māha Wines, a wine brand dedicated to showcasing the best of Aotearoa winemaking.

The team at Ki Māha are excited for the upcoming summer period and are situated to be the summer destination of 2021. They will be hosting various long lunches, summer set menus and events. They have also recently paired up with Landrover, who will be helping give customers the ‘gift of Ki Māha’.