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The Happy Little Ford

- 4 August 2021 - 


For me, I love escaping the hustle and bustle of Auckland and heading to my little piece of paradise. This week I was lucky enough to test drive Ford’s first plug-in hybrid SUV.

First impressions

When meeting my driving companion that would keep me company for the four-hour drive north, all I knew was that I was picking up a SUV. I assumed it would be really big and ‘clunky’, but upon introduction, I was pleasantly surprised that the Ford was big, compared to other SUVs on the market, but it was compact and sleek. I found it to be the perfect medium-size SUV that had a lot of room for all my luggage, shopping (and some!) This would be the perfect size vehicle for a family of four.

Comfort is key

I found the seats hugely comfortable, which was a relief as those long stretches of driving can sometimes leave your back aching for days! The seats provided good lumbar support that allowed me to cruise easily and arrive in good shape!

Need for speed

One of the features that immediately struck me was the information dashboard. I could easily see in my peripherals the speed I was going, but even better, right next to it in a red circle was the speed limit, meaning I knew at all times my limitations; (perfect for avoiding those pesky fines!)

Two sources of power

The point of difference of this Ford is that wherever the destination, the Ford plug-in hybrid SUV uses two sources of power to get you there – plug in and gas. I loved that I could drive for kilometres before running out of power, but if I did, the SUV would flick onto gas, meaning you can actually go a long way without stopping to fuel up/charge up.

Talk to me Siri

Who doesn’t talk to Siri all day every day? The Ford Siri is no different and after plugging in your phone, you’re away! Need to ring someone back? Simply ask Siri and the hands-free system will get you on the line in no time. Want to play a bit of Tina Turner? Tell Siri and she’ll get the tracks lined up.

From city parking to rural farms, to beach living, the happy little Ford is the perfect companion.

There are two Escape PHEV models (Both are also eligible for the $5750 government Clean Car Rebate)

Escape ST-Line X PHEV RRP $66,990.

Escape PHEV Front Wheel Drive RRP $60,990