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The Ultimate in Natural Luxury

- 4th June 2021 - 


There is no fabric quite as legendary and beautiful as silk. It has been used since the early bronze age, woven into magnificent fabrics and even the armour of ancient warriors.

Papinelle's line of fine silk pyjamas will probably not make you feel like a Mongol raider, but it will make you feel unparalleled comfort. Papinelle are the premium manufacturers of silk and luxury pyjamas in Australia. Their flagship "softest PJs ever" are made from modal, a type of sustainable, semi-synthetic silk alternative manufactured from the wood pulp of beech trees.

But the truly luxurious products they manufacture are naturally produced from silk. The silk-worms are reared on a diet of mulberry leaves, a crop which does not require intensive farming or destructive pesticides. The smooth texture of silk is easy on your skin while naturally hydrating it, and purely hypoallergenic for sensitive skin.

Another advantage of silk is that the silk of both silk moth larvae and spiders naturally repel mold and mildew, making them fresher for longer, and naturally repellent to odour. Papinelle's premium silk pyjamas are naturally thermo-regulated, meaning they are toasty on colder nights but breathable in the sweltering summer.

Papinelle have even gone one step beyond for your convenience, with their new line of machine-washable silk PJs. Simply place your machine-washable silk pyjamas in a laundry bag and wash with a small amount of detergent (best to use a detergent specifically made for delicate clothes).

After that, simply lay them out flat to dry, and enjoy wearing them! On top of the luxury and convenience Papinelle offers, you can sleep easy (and comfortably) knowing that their products are ethically made from the softest natural fabrics. Enjoy beautiful sleepwear for the dreamers by Papinelle.