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The ULTIMATE Toastie

- 21st July 2020 -


There is nothing like a hot crunchy toastie during winter. They are an absolute classic and something you love as a kid and take with you through adulthood. Whether you like your bread fancy or you’re a fan of plain white toast, we bring to you the best toastie recipes of the century.

Ham, Cheese & Tomato

Honestly, we had to start off with a classic, right? And you can’t beat a classic!

Sweetcorn & Cheese

Before you furrow your brows at this one, you need to try it! They’re the perfect combination of sweet and savoury – a unbeatable combination

Bombay Chilli Cheese

Ok we’re getting a bit fancy now but this explosion of flavours I like no other: chilli, spices, potato, cheese, and chutney. Filling and delectable

Spaghetti Bolognese

Perfect for those leftovers that aren’t quite enough for a full meal! Chuck it between two pieces of bread and you’re good to go!


Now you know we had to throw in a sweet toastie! Slap some Nutella and butter together and you’ve got yourself a desert toastie.

Halloumi & Honey

The perfect finisher – simple but delectable. The saltiness of the haloumi mixed with the sweetness of honey is hands-down one of the best toastie recipes out there.

Happy toasting!