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The winning pizza formula

- 11th February 2021 - 


A South Island favorite, The Cow, holds the winning pizza formula according to a 2019 Instagram story from the talented actress, Reese Witherspoon, who named it her fifth favorite pizza place. In the whole world. Of all time.

Based in 1860s historic stone buildings at joint locations in Wanaka and Queenstown (on iconic Post Office Lane and Cow Lane respectively), The Cow is the epicenter of cozy nights out from the bustle of the city, full of family festivities and mouthwatering stuffed crusts.

But what is it that sets The Cow apart from all the other pizzerias?

For starters, their scrumptious original recipe base (formulated in 1977) and their wide variety of fresh, flavorsome toppings obviously make this eatery the kind of stand-out, self-starter culinary ventures we all love to crave. It is not just your average one-stop pizza shop!

The originality of their recipes, the “dignified countryside” environment, and the fundamental love of great tasting yet hearty food is what gives this place the international, as well as the Kiwi, seal of approval.

Take a popular order named after Queen Victoria, “Her Majesty's Pleasure”— a whopping slab of ham and rich pepperoni with onion, mushrooms, tomato and freshly grown oregano goodness. Offered in both 11-inch to 14-inch too (depending on your appetite).

If seafood is more your thing, you can try the “Portofino” or “Supreme” with freshly topped prawns, mussels, and champagne-style dressing. Vegetarians can gorge themselves on the lovely “Annie”— a delicacy of every plant-based delight you can imagine.

They really cover all the bases. No pun intended.

So, after a long day out hitting ski field, why not gift yourself to an evening snuggled up beside The Cow’s fireplace? Enjoy a night amid all the rustic décor, with a cool tap beer in one hand, and a deliciously loaded slice of pizza in the other.

This four-decade old formula makes The Cow Pizza & Spaghetti House New Zealand’s southern sanctuary of culinary tradition. Myself, and Reese Witherspoon, promise your stomach will thank you for it. And don’t forget the garlic bread!