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Welcome to Hell – where the centre of the earth meets the sky.

- 3rd March 2021 - 


As one of New Zealand’s most unique geothermal experiences, Hell’s Gate should always be on your ‘must visit’ when going to Rotorua. It’s one of those places that doesn’t get old, you could visit time and time again.

Start by taking part in the guided or self-guided interactive geothermal walk where you’ll learn about New Zealand’s most active geothermal field. Throughout you can explore interactive exhibits, see boiling mud, billowing steam and beautiful native bush. Learning about the fascinating history, where nearly 800 years ago, Maori warriors would come here to bathe their tired bodies after battle. It was then that they recognised the healing properties of the muds and waters which flow through the area. It’s baffling to think something that was discovered 800 years ago is still so true today.

After the walk you’re able to take your own mud bath, where you can quite literally, cover yourself in mud from head to toe. The baths each hold about 40-60 kg’s of silk mud which is collected from the reserve and gently exfoliates the skin.

You’re only allowed 20 minutes in the mud baths, for safety reasons, but 20 minutes is long enough to really enjoy the experience. Lathering your bodies in mud (though not above the eyes as boy it can sting) and letting it air dry, you immediately feel cleansed and rejuvenated. Lucky we were told to remove all jewellery before we headed in, as the chemical makeup of the muds and waters can tarnish most jewellery, particularly silver.

Once your 20 minutes are up and you’ve rinsed off the mud you can head to one of the sulphur spa pools for a soak and take in the surroundings.

As New Zealand’s only mud spa, Hell’s Gate will leave your body and soul feeling revitalised, as it has done for centuries.