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When is a gym not a gym?

- 18 August 2021 - 


It’s not just new year’s resolutions that get you thinking about joining a gym. It can also be challenges like overeating during lockdown and most importantly, the need to future-proof your health in a densely aging population!

But what is it that stops you going? It’s the gym culture – the body proud and body beautiful, the intimidating muscle men and the fanatical spin junkies who all look like professional dancers. So how can you get fit without going to a gym? How can a gym be one without the negative culture?

The answer is simple. It’s when a gym is in fact a club and NEXT GEN is exactly that! The next generation of gyms is an inclusive, family friendly health club that has programmes and facilities for all ages and all levels of fitness.

The team at NEXT GEN have developed sports activities and programs that embrace your starting level and challenge you to compete with yourself and/or with others. Through swimming, tennis, spin classes and HIIT classes, you can get a diverse work out that keeps you engaged and develops better cognitive and physical skills.

Working out has now become a lifestyle choice and certainly far more of a community engagement than the days of chain gyms pumping out weights and loud trance music. Step inside the world of NEXT GEN located in the heart of Parnell, that welcomes any level of fitness with personal trainers on hand to help you achieve your personal health goals.

We speak with the team, Nicky, Kirsten, Carlos and Nicola and ask them to share the magic they create and how we can all get on board!

What is the philosophy behind NEXT GEN?

Your time is now! Time is a precious commodity for everyone and at NEXT GEN, we combine multiple facilities together so that our members can enjoy a 360o Health and Lifestyle experience.

Upon arrival, what would one expect to experience that differs from other gyms?

As you enter NEXT GEN, you can always expect a warm welcome with staff that are genuinely happy and proud to be a part of the Next Gen team and what we stand for as a health and Lifestyle club. As you enjoy the convenience of collecting a towel from our reception team, you’ll then walk past our incredibly talented café team, who will be serving up hot specialty coffees and delicious meals to suit all tastes and dietary requirements. From there you’ll have the option of enjoying our incredible indoor pool area, where you will even find a spa, sauna, and steam rooms! Or head up to our gym where you can enjoy the upbeat environment and get in a good workout before heading up to the rooftop pool, to lap up the sun while you relax.

How does the main gym floor work and what’s on offer?

Our gym offers maximum variety. From gym floor classes that are bound to challenge and get you engaged with group training mentality, to plate and pin loaded machines for those wanting a heavy push in their training. We offer large open spaces to suit high intensity training and dynamic movements, with also the option of a more private area for those that may want a little more privacy as they work out and learn how best to manage their workout routines. Our gym also offers a dedicated Spin room with Stages bike technology to offer a superior spin experience. We have both instructor lead classes and a full virtual class timetable, offering fun virtual rides from 60’s music themed to high intensity Tabata style.

Group fitness classes are included in the membership! An extensive group fitness timetable catering to all abilities and training preference. Those wanting something a little more relaxing can come in and join us for a Pilates or yoga class.

How can members involve their kids? Are they welcome at NEXT GEN?

Children & Families are always welcome at Next Gen, and we offer a wide range of activities and options for all ages. We are a family club and always look to include all ages where we can. We have several dedicated kids’ classes, offering interactive fun and confidence building for our 4 – 11-year-olds. We also offer family classes where parents can join in and have some fun.

Next Gen offers a holiday activity program every school holiday, which is very popular here at Next Gen. The children get to enjoy painting, swimming, tennis activities, organised play times, and even experience our amazing café kitchen to make their very own pizza and food creations. Swimming is another core activity that we have for children and families here at Next Gen. We offer extensive learn to swim programs as well as private training for individuals who may need some extra help.

Lastly, we offer the convenience of an in-house crèche for those that need to get a quick work out in but have their young ones at home. Our amazing crèche carers will entertain and take care of your little ones while you get to work out, or relax in the club.

Tell us more about your personal trainers?

We pride ourselves on only having the best of the best, which is why our trainers are specialists in their field. Our professionals have extensive backgrounds in rehabilitation, spine and joint health, holistic coaching, scientific based programing, training and personal coaching. We don’t just offer weight loss or muscle gain, we offer personalised training with professionals who can not only assist you in reaching your individual goals, but in the process prevent injuries, correct & relieve ongoing injuries, and most importantly take care of you both physically and mentally throughout your health and fitness journey.

How do your Spin and HIIT classes work – do you have to be an expert?

Our HIIT and Spin classes cater to all abilities. Our classes are carefully put together by our gym team to offer low/high impact exercises and routines, so that you can be a beginner or advanced and get an amazing workout in all within the same class in the shortest time frame.

How do the membership fees work and do you have family packages?

We have different multiple tiers of memberships that can be tailored to your needs. We do indeed have family memberships on offer as well as a suite of other options tailored to the individual needs.

What is the best way to see if NEXT GEN is right for you?

Either call us and speak to one of the team or come into the club and we can discuss your goals, give you a tour of the facilities and get you on the right path. Come and have a look around to see the difference a club environment has over a standard gym! So, forget missed resolutions and gym phobias and start designing your path back to vitality with NEXT GEN. They have the right team and the best programs to make your health and fitness both fun and rewarding!